Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanksgiving Plans

I am having two Thanksgivings. The first is in Houston at my aunt's place with all of my family. I am trepidatious of this because I don't know what kind of kitchen toys I'll have. I do know I will be doing the turkey at the insistence of my cousin Anna. I am interested to see what my aunts come up with for the rest of the meal. Houston has this ginormous Asian supermarket that is the size of a football stadium. There's more live fish there than in the Baltimore Aquarium. It could be that we have turkey and a mostly Vietnamese meal.

Because the only way to get a fare under $500 was to leave Tuesday and return Friday, I will also be doing a Thanksgiving on Saturday with the Lancasters. It appears Lady Lancaster's parents are a cheap as me and got tickets to come to DC at 8:30 pm on Thursday. For the sanity of everyone, they decided to hold their Thanksgiving on Saturday. I scored an invitation to that shindig for J and I by offering to make dessert and a couple sides. I will make the traditional pumpkin pie for dessert. I don;t know what I am making for the starchy side but I am definitely making broccoli slaw for the vegetable. It's somehow very much the essence of fall but also refreshing. Basically, you get a bag of broccoli slaw, add about a cup of shredded purple cabbage, a half a cup of cranberries, and a half a cup of chopped walnuts or pceans. Toss with the maple-balsamic dressing (see the balsalmic-glazed salmon for that) and let sit for a least 15 minutes.

In other news, the sexy librarian glasses have not yet arrived.


Demetrius said...

For your balsalmic vinaigrette recipe, do you recommend chopping or slicing the three to four cloves of garlic, or just placing the whole cloves into the mixture and then let marinate for the flavors to marry? Thank you.

DC Food Blog said...

I would finely mince them. It would be a pain of the ass to try and fish them out and you wouldn't want anyone biting into a whole piece of garlic.