Wednesday, November 02, 2005

J's 7 things . . .

I haven't been posting for a bit, but am a bit under the weather so I've pulled over to do something fun. T did his 7 things and I am doing mine. I don't really have 7 folks to send it to so I changed that to 7 foods I want to eat . . .

7 things I want to make before I die:

1. The tallest meringue pie I have seen that does not weep.
2. Popcorn balls (I just want to do it)
3. Vanilla sorbet
4. Morgan's cheese tortellini soup
5. Bunuelos
6. Dim Sum
7. A baby

7 things I cannot do in the kitchen:

1. Recover from a baking screwup
2. Make donuts
3. Roll sushi
4. Perfectly dice an onion
5. Make candy
6. Make tabouleh like my grandmother's
7. Make my grandfather's BBQ sauce

7 things that attract me to a kitchen:

1. Easy storage options
2. An open concept to a living area
3. A deep sink with two sections (one to soak and one to rinse)
4. Room for a table
5. Lots of glassware
6. Warmth and brightness
7. Logical layout

7 things that I say most often in the kitchen:

1. Holy shit, T, that's fantastic.
2. Are we out of tortillas?
3. Is this bad? It seems old.
4. I hope those people aren't looking in here.
5. We need a bigger kitchen.
6. How many people?
7. Do you need some help?

7 celebrity crushes in the food world:

1. T
2. Kylie Kwong
3. Moinica Greene of Monica's Aca Y Alla
4. Paula Deen
5. Rosemary Shrager of Rosemary, Queen of the Kitchen
6. Ming Tsai
7. Two Fat Ladies (ok, one is gone, but I loved them)

7 foods I want to eat:

1. Marshmallow Sauce from Crystal's Pizza in Fort Worth, Texas
2. Pho Ga from a place in Orange County that I have not been to
3. Chips and salsa from Monica's Aca y Alla in Dallas
4. Tamales
5. My mom's/grandmother's chili cream
6. Banh Cuon from the Eden Center

Much love to the blogworld -- J


Dancer in DC said...

Oh, the two fat ladies! I miss them so much! We used to roll with laughter watching that show. The way they would playfully snipe at each other.

"And now add a quart of heavy cream, and a pound of butter..."

Tonya in Chicago said...

mmmm Crystal's Pizza, haven't thought about it in forever!!! Or the Chocolate Mousse at Peoples... long ago.

the kitchenette said...
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the kitchenette said...

Alas, here are my sevens too! Speaking of getting tagged, I hated playing that game when I was little. Too slow and lazy for the sport. But oooh, I love this version of tag!

7 things I want to make before I die:
1. Homemade Falafel
2. Sweet potato pie (including crust that doesn’t suck)
3. Caramelized onions
4. A green-only meal for St. Patty’s
5. A bento box (including the box)
6. Fried green tomatoes
7. Chocolate flourless cake

7 things I cannot do in the kitchen:
1. Get out
2. Be trusted
3. Stock enough teddy grahams
4. Remember to turn off the oven
5. Figure out how the trash fills up so fast
6. Go near mayonnaise without puking
7. Forget about dessert

7 things that attract me to ta kitchen:
1. My cornucopia and hand-picked leaves sitting on the table
2. View of the Potomac
3. Clean dishes
4. Milk chocolate-covered espresso beans “for guests”
5. Upstairs is too far away
6. Brita re-fills
7. Honest tea in the fridge (Black forest berry or community green please)

7 things that I say most often in the kitchen:
1. Mmmmm.... (not just in the kitchen)
2. How late do they deliver?
3. God, my hand-picked leaves are festive
4. It’s just one more bite…
5. Does this smell to you?
6. I’m just eating half so it’s ok right?
7. Peanut butter. Must find. NOW.

7 celebrity crushes in the food world:
1. Nigella-licious Lawson
2. Jeffery Steingarten
3. Chipotle man Stephen Ellis
4. The Barefoot Contessa (mostly cuz my childhood best friend’s dad dated her back in the day!)
5. Mollie Katzen
6. Mr. Theodore Graham (Think cinnamon and honey)
7. DC Food Blog, clearly