Monday, November 14, 2005

Chicken Tortilla: Barracks Row's Latest

Chicken Tortilla
1100 8th St. SE

Well, Barracks Row has done it again. Want a mighty fine burrito with some tasty rotisserie chicken? I think I found the place.

Chicken Tortilla has been open for about 6 weeks down at 1100 8th St. SE. This is a great addition to Barracks Row. T and I went to try out the new place and we were not disappointed. In fact, in the burrito wars where people fawn and fight over Burrito Brothers, Chipotle, and California Tortilla, I'd say they have a shot at the crown.


Well, first, it should be made clear that this is a rotisserie chicken place that makes burritos. So the chicken better be damn good right? It is. The rotisserie imparts a roasty toasty deep flavor that was very tasty. The taste held up in my burrito quite well and it had a lot to contend with in there. T added that it was nice to taste roasted chicken that was not overly dependent on salt.

The "Burraso" is a 13-inch tortilla filled with steak, chicken or neither; rice, pinto or black beans, your choice of salsas, sour cream, etc. I had mine done up with chicken, guacamole ($1.50 extra), rice, black beans, a tomatillo salsa verde, and some fresh crisp mixed lettuce. This was a big mamma burrito and the burrista ("burrito+barrista") had some serious trouble folding it up. I think a little less would have been fine.

What matters most to me with a jam-packed burrito is that the individual ingredients are fresh, flavorful, and stand on their own while playing their part in the overall package. As I said, the chicken was a highlight, but the fresh and slightly tangy guacamole came in a nice second. Rice was the perfect texture even at the end of the evening and the salsa was kicky and placed throughout the burrito. A less apt burrista would have all the good bits sloshed in the bottom. Not here.

T had the 1/4 chicken dark and liked it a lot as well. He gave me a bite of his fried yucca, one of several available sides. It was crisp and yummy.

We finished with a generic but surprisingly moist chocolate cake which had a lovely mousse filling. With sodas, it came to about $20.00 for the two of us, but it could have been cheaper without the dessert and the guacamole.

One thing I do hope is that Chicken Tortilla will consider a slightly smaller burrito than the Burraso behemoths that they offer. I know some folks who just wouldn't make it through. Today though, after skipping lunch, this really hit the spot.

I'm happy they are here and hope people will go check them out. The folks were nice and the place is sparkling clean.



Dancer in DC said...

We'll have to check that out. It's nice to see so many new businesses in Barracks Row, while some of the old classics have stayed. But we sadly miss dinner at Sheridan's, which was a big favorite.

Anonymous said...

I loved Chicken Tortilla at the hill... , I love their burritos and Chicken quesadillas, every corner is impecable, and the food is terrific, I been addicted to this place since they opened,Please... try it...... and let us know......????