Monday, November 07, 2005

Prada, Baby, Prada

Thanks to my kicking insurance plan, I finally have a piece of the Prada empire and joined the ranks of the sexy librarians. That's right folks. I ordered new glasses. While I am completely indifferent about clothes, I have long coveted the sexy librarian Prada glasses. My former boss Stan told me that glasses should be completely invisible or completely take over your face. I've had the bottom-of-the-line ones that do neither because my previous jobs didn't cover vision care. Luckily, for a measly $5 a month I get vision coverage in my health care plan. This covers the cost of the exam and the lenses and cheap frames or a big chunk of the costs of expensive frames. In the end, I paid $30 for my glasses. I could have gone with the free frames but...PRADA!!!!!

In actual food news, we took the In-Laws to Flying Fish in Old Town Saturday. It was perfect for an exhausting day of fall foliage and window shopping. The decor is simultaneously tacky and elegant with funky aquariums and mounted swordfish on the walls. J and I split a frisee salad, an order of cooked sushi, the pan-fried red snapper in buerre blanc and a grilled doughnut. The frisee salad was frisee salad, lightly dressed and fresh. Nothing earth shattering but refreshing and light. J disagrees but I think the sushi as Spices is better than Flying Fish's. I may have a plebian tongue (don't go there) but I just couldn't taste the difference in quality of the fish. The snapper however, is a different story. The whole schtick of Flying Fish is that you can order any of their quality fish in three diffferent ways, poached, pan seared or grilled, or blackened. Hearing that the snapper was particularly good that night, I ordered it pan seared. That seemed to work best with the moist, tender flesh of the fish with a delicate flavor. The lemony flavor and silky texture of the beurre blanc was a perfect compliment to the fish. It also came with expertly made, sauteed sugar snap peas and green beans and we ordered the blue potatoes, potato croquettes with bleu cheese in them, as an accompaniment. For dessert we had the grilled doughnut which was a true triumph. The grilling took away the treacly sweetness of the doughnut glaze and gave the doughnut a nice crispy texture and smoky aroma. My only complaint about the dessert was the ice cream on top. It was melting all over the place and I couldn't appreciate the vanilla flavor. All in all a great fall meal that was statisfying and refreshing.

And PRADA, baby PRADA.


Dancer in DC said...

I love red snapper - such a good fish.

But I think our twin-tastic experience has ended. I regret to inform you that the SNU and I do not go for sushi.

DC Food Blog said...

As Jackie said on Roseanne: YOOOOOUUUU!!!! MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Are you really a librarian? Just wondering, since I am one. Must be why I like your blog so much, great librarian minds think alike. :)

Anonymous said...

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