Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ending the "radio" silence

Sorry about the radio silence folks. Just a crazy busy weekend. The in-laws are in town for a big fundraiser I was helping out on. And by helping, I being involved with every effing thing because I am a total control freak. Luckily the in-laws (who are the best in-laws IN THE WORLD) were duly impressed because everything was a perfect as it could possibly be. People had a good time and the event finished according to schedule. I've helped run fundraisers before, and I've learned some things on this one I'd like to share with the blogoverse.

1. Cocktail PARTY - As elegant as a sit-down dinner is, if you want people to have a good time, COCKTAIL PARTY. If you have a good caterer (WHICH WE DID!), there will be plenty of food and noone will go hungry. The appeal of a cocktail party is that people are not planted to one table and can socialize, chat, and dance. It really allows guests to float around, catching up with people they haven't seen in a while.

2. Swing band - Speaking of dancing, I'd highly recommend having swing music. With a rock or pop band, you run the risk of cheesy music and bad covers. If you have a DJ, you will end up with Love Shack and the Chicken Dance. However, it's hard to ruin swing music. It ends up being the type of music everyone can dance to and isn't so loud or jarring to disrupt conversation. But the true fun is seeing people twirl around the dance floor. Grunge music? No twirling.

3. HO-DOVERS - To quote the Food Whore, "Feed them early, feed them well." A cocktail party allows for food to be available when people get to the event. No waiting for a server to give you your plate or for your table to get called for the buffet.

4. Drinky drinky - Finally, our wonderful caterers made a strategic decision that made the party a raging success: SHOVE DRINKS INTO PEOPLE'S FACES. The caterers had servers with trays of cocktails at the registration area and the entrance to the fundraiser. Before you've even entered the room you had a Cosmopolitan in your hand. YEAH BABY! Even if you don't drink, there's something festive about entering a party with a drink in hand. It makes you truly feel a part of the party.

I hope you can get something out of my kernels of wisdom. In my opinion, the measure of a good event is how full the dnace floor is and this one was packed.

P.S. - I am usually not coy about anything, but to a certain twosome who may be reading this, I'd like to quote Blondie by saying "one day I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna get ya, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha getcha!!!!" HEE.


Dancer in DC said...

Why do I feel like I'm having an illicit affair? :)

Totally agree on how to have a good party. Shoving drinks in people's faces is so very key.

ScottE. said...

"I always feel like, somebody's watching me."

In terms of galas, my day job had theirs three weeks ago. It's boring has H E double hockey sticks. I've been teasing and trying to get them to just do one large cocktail party. Would be sooo much your ideas!

Lady Brandenburg said...

I feel like a stalker when I read all of your exchanges. I know you are all Wonder Twins. Once the planets align and you all meet, I know I'll just suddenly feel a sense of warmth and calm. :)

(and then maybe Lord Brandenburg and will eventually meet you too - the cosmic twins of our Boyz!)

DC Food Blog said...

What is very bizaare is that my oldest friends in the world have the web name of Lady and Lord Lancaster. I guess a progressive queer couple needs a little royalty in their life. :) And no need to feel stalkerish. I'm an attention whore. :P