Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More random stuff

OH MY GOD. It appears that there might be someone crazier than me on the food blogosphere. Jacinda and Jerry has taken it upon themselves to visit every free-standing Starbucks in the District. They're chronicling it on Sirensongdc. I myself am averse to coffee. The caffeine gives me heart palpitations. The only time I go to Starbucks is to get decaf espresso for tiramisu. Godspeed J and J. I love how 99% of the Starbucks are in NW. I didn't see ANY in NE and only two in SE. NW DC you have sold your soul to the devil.

In other news, I am LOVING my homemade applesauce. I finished the first batch (three jars' worth) in a week. I just finished my first jar of batch two. This stuff is addictive. I simply am astounded by how sweet freshly picked apples are. The only thing added was cinnamon. I encourage everyone to go pick some apples and make applesauce.

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rebecca said...

i have a recipe request: pumpkin butter. know how to make some or where to get some? it's the yummmmiest. and excellent on crumpets with cream cheese. mmm.