Thursday, October 27, 2005

I never said I was creative

I was inspired by Not for Profit Dad to do a food version.

7 things I make before I die:
1. A timbale like in Big Night
2. a homemade croissant
3. A centerpiece
4. A vodka martini because the gin ones taste like lighter fluid
5. A wedding cake
6. A chicken pot pie
7. A baby (I am counting on the wonders of reproductive technology)
7 things I cannot do in the kitchen:
1. Keep it clean
2. Make Indian food
3. Make an apple fritter
4. Make any recipe written by Sandra Lee
5. Poach a chicken
6. Debone anything
7. Make beans from scratch
7 things that attract me to ta kitchen:
1. Lots of natural lighting
2. A center island
3. A deep sink with two sections (one to soak and one to rinse)
4. An eat-in kitchen
5. Cleanliness
6. Mexican ceramic tile
7. A baker's rack
7 things that I say most often in the kitchen:
1. Mmmmm....
2. It's peanut-butter pasta night
3. Why is the only beverage we have water?
4. There's more in the fridge
5. Sorry for the mess
6. I've made enough for everyone
7. Caramelized onions
7 celebrity crushes in the food world:
1. Nigella Lawson
2. Mario Batali
3. Ming Tsai
4. Kylie Kwong
5. Irof Chef Morimoto
6. Paula Deen
7. J!!!!!
7 people I want to do this: (although you are absolutely not obligated)
1. J
2. The Kitchenette
3. I Hate Broccoli
4. The All I think About is Food Guy
5. The Eat With Me Guy
6. DC Sleeps Alone
7. Auntie Em


ScottE. said...

I did it!


Demetrius said...

I keep reading about your famous applesauce. Is the secret just cut apples, a little bit of water and low heat for awhile on the stove?

DC Food Blog said...

That's the process. But the real secret is fresh picked apples. Store-bought apples won't give you the intensity of flavor.

Dancer in DC said...

I really love your list. So many things I heartily agree with - Nigella (I'd go straight for her), Paula, and an odd attraction I have to Ming Tsai.

I think it's awesome that you loved Big Night - I can't believe I've never made Scott watch that movie!

Just can't handle martinis myself, but I do love my gin. I know - heathen. But I only drink Bombay Sapphire! :)

Jon said...

I'm working on it. Been swamped the last couple weeks.