Monday, October 17, 2005

Apple Picking - YES

It happened! It happened in the best way possible, with gorgeous weather that was cool and crisp but blindingly sunny. We went with Pauline Saturday afternoon to Homestead farms. Homestead farms was packed and I despaired of getting my fill of apples. However, the Homestead farms folks knew what they were doing and there were plenty of apples to go around. J and I ended up picking around 30 pounds worth. And well worth it.

We went around the orchard tasing bruised apples to see which ones we wanted. My favorites were the Golden Delicious which had firm texture that was almost like eating an Asian pear and a bright sweetness. My trick is to pick the ones with a hint of pink blush. Those are the peak of ripeness. We also picked Braeburns and Jonagolds which we perfectly acceptable. J picked the Macintoshes that had great flavor but I can not get over the mealy texture. after heading over to the South orchard and picking granny smiths for baking, Pauline came over and brought this wonderful burnished gold with a stripe of red apple that was a revelation. even better than my beloved Golden Delicious. The texture was firm and juicy. Juicy like a summer peach. And the flavor was like honey. Unforatunately, we forgot to ask the variety of this revelatory apple. My theory is that it's a Sun Fuji.

Coming, home, I planted myself in front of the tv with a bowl, a plastic bag, a cutting board, and a sharp chef's knife and I peeled and cut about 15 pounds of apples for applesauce and apple cake. All while watching my TiVoed Barefoot Contessa and Everyday Italian.

P.S. To Susannah (my Renee Zellwegger) - We would love your biscotti recipe. Check the profile for our email.


dana michelle said...

hi ya'll,
my comment is completely unrelated to the entertaining apple picking entry; just wanted to give kudos and say how much i really enjoy your blog. the writing is top notch and i love your hilarious input on food network happenings as well as the current d.c. scene. thanks so much, and keep it up!

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