Saturday, October 01, 2005

Drunk blogging - more apples.

Ok. If I make more typos than usual it's because I just got home from an Oktoberfest party and am drunk off my ass on purple malt liquor and Reisling whine(I hate beer). Our friends M & K had the most kickin German potluck where they lordered their guests to bring hearty German food that would feed a corwd. In turn, they provided enough bratwurst to feed all of Bavaria. This led on one of the best potlucks ever created. One the menu included spaetlze, four kinds of potatoes, fondue with rye bread and cauliflower and a spinach salad with Reisling dressing. J made the world's tallest Black Forest cake. A 1/2 inch slice was enough to feed half of Easkert Market. My contribution was apple strudel with a creme angalise. I will post the recipe when the room stoops spinning. Please forgive the horrrible typing and I keep sliding down my chair.

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Christian M. said...

Nothing wrong with blogging with some liquor in your belly ... I do it routinely :-)