Monday, October 24, 2005

Links galore!

So I'm expanding my ode to the Thanksgiving season on DCFud with some recipes for a vegetarian option. and these are good recipes. So good that when I served them for Thanksgiving, a guest who not only ate the turkey but insisted on the hosts serving a fish dish as well, insisted on having one even though I made just enough for the vegetarians.

And since it seems to be tearing up the food blogosphere, I'm including a link to the Rachael Ray article in the New York Times. I think I've made my feelings about Ray Ray fairly clear, but just in case, she and Sandra Lee are Hecate's handmaidens. I was transfixed during 30 Minute Meals when Ray Ray decided that old bread as a perfect substitute for gnocchi. Bread drenched in marinara equals gnocchi. Mmmkay Ray Ray.


the kitchenette said...

where do you stand on ray ray's fhm pics? just as disturbing as the bread substitution?

ScottE. said...

there are things I like about rachel and things I don't...that was one of them! and her recent macaroni and cheese and hot dogs with ketchup and mustard and some other crap...looked a little like vomit. and yes, sandra whats her dog face is awful.

DC Food Blog said...

I agreed with her mother. With one addendum - she looked like a muppet whore.