Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mishri's Answers

Thanks Mishri! I'm still in Hawaii. The big Hawaii update wil lbe forthcoming.

1. I used to keep a diary off-and-on, but I was too lazy to maintain the discipline need. Blogging is easier because I can now type faster than I write and typing enables me to keep up with my mind's pace better.

2. The weirdest thing that happened to me because of blogging was that I got offered a job. I didn't take it, but it was fun to be offered a job by a reader.

3. Nope, never met someone who read my blog without my previously knowing it.

4. I think I'm proud of most of my entries about being Indian. They can veer toward whiny, but I think they're heartfelt.

5. I wrote an entry on another blog I keep anonymously. It was about hating certain types of people and I got a hate mail for it, and I was not prepared to cope with the flaming.

6, I don't keep blogging. I'm lazy about it. But when I do write, it's because I can't hold it in anymore and I want to share what I feel. The occasional positive comment serves as a nice boost.

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