Sunday, August 26, 2007

My answers

Ok here are my answers. I am not blogging from the beach but blogging from the lanai of our one-block-away-from-the-beach condo we are renting in Hawaii. Jealous? BTW Stef, you get a home cooked, healthy meal courtesy of yours truly. Name the date.

1. Did you ever keep a diary? Do you still? How is blogging different from keeping a written journal?
I kept one journal in my life and that was my year abroad in Europe. It was really boring and mundane and said stuff like "today I went to see Big Ben." It's funny that having an audience makes me a lot more open and free with my writing and myself. Knowing that i am just talking about food (for the most part) makes me able to share the WHO of what I am if not the what.

2. What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you because of blogging?

The fact that the Next Food Network Stars read DCfoodblog. It's alternately thrilling and weird. It is a reality check to the power of words.

3. Have you ever met someone who read your blog without previously knowing they read your blog?
Yep. In fact he's marrying one of my best friends.

4. Is there an entry you are particularly proud of? What was it about?
I am an attention whore so any entry that gets lots and lots of comments is one I'm proud of. The two that come to mind are my Barefoot Contessa ones that STILL get comments and the Paula Deen ones. Both have comments that range from "right on" to " screw you to Paula/Ina hater." And the thing is I LOOOOVE those two.

5. Is there any entry you are particularly embarrassed about? What was it about?
Actually on another blog I wrote, my first entry was an analysis of Ally McBeal and Bridget Jones. Talk about dated.

6. Why do you keep blogging?
Didn't you hear? I'm an attention whore. Seriously though, I love the interaction. I love having an audience and I love reading other people's blogs.


Stef said...

Hooray! I'll take you up on that - but not until after my hell time at work over the next several weeks. Let's make a plan for fall!

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