Monday, August 20, 2007

Stef's answers

It looks like stef is the only one to play. Come on folks. Gimme some love.

1. Yes, off and on since I was about 10. My biggest journaling time was college-grad school-early 20's. I'm a lot more open, vulnerable, and seraching in my journals than on the blog, for obvious reasons.

2. The random happy hours with strangers were pretty weird. I usually had fun, but it was a strange way to have small talk with people you didn't know at all but had been reading about, and vice versa.

3. I don't think so, but I've had friends who I didn't know read my blog say things to me that they only could've known by reading.

4. I was really excited that my first time in the Express was one of my more thoughtful political posts. Later ones were more random. And I made it into Wonkette with an Ann Coulter-hellfire post!

5. Ah, the whole eHarmony thing. I really didn't know it was that evil until I posted about it and everyone told me. I was embarrassed that I hadn't done more research on my own and had been giving money to a company that I should've despised all along.

6. God, who knows. I think about quitting pretty often. I don't get the same out of it as I used to - and I tend to like reading my friends' blogs more than writing my own these days.

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Do I win a prize? :-)