Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tripping Out

We're back in DC and I promise a mega-double-completely-perfunctory-with-lots-of-bile recap of the last two episodes of Top Chef by the end of the week. Driving halfway across the country and deciding to boycott the entire state of Tennesee is exhausting. You know you've had an exhusting road trip when going to work is relaxing. Anyway, we drove our car all the way to DC and I have named her Carrie Bradshaw. Unfortunately, J
completely objects to that name and has tried to name it after the kids from the Spellbound documentary. So far, the name Carrie Bradshaw still sticks in my mind. Until J comes up with a better name, the car is Carrie Bradshaw. I hope this isn't the way we will name our kids


playfulinnc said...

LOL. Do it! I'll make the signs and start up the advertising campaign!

Stef said...

Welcome back!

Dinner and drinks soon? After I get back from red-state-land?

ScottE. said...

I want to name my car Carrie Bradshaw! Actually she'd be more Samatha considering all the rides she's given!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Why the boycott of TN?