Friday, May 19, 2006

Call for Guest Bloggers . . .

Well folks, we're off on some travels for a bit. Care to guest blog? Send us a review of your recent meal or a recipe that you've enjoyed making recently. We'd love to hear from non-bloggers especially, but all are welcome. Here are a few prompts and a few places we are curious about.

1. What's your never-fail-to impress dish? Recipe or no recipe, tell us about the one that wows 'em.

2. What's the place in DC that you take folks from out of town? Just one.

3. What are your three favorite dishes in the area? The rest of the food at the restaurant may be blah, and it may be grand, but what's that one dish that you just truly enjoy.

4. Do you have a fave in Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, or Knoxville? We're on a road trip!

Places we'd love to see a review of . . .(unpublished would be best as we read the other food blogs pretty religiously):

Thai X-ing
Amseterdam Falafel
Belga Cafe
Woo Lae Oak
Dairy Godmother
Taste of Wheaton (May 21)
Your favorite bar food
Java Green
Cafe Mozart

Recipes or posts I think would be fun:

Constructing a super tall and non-weeping meringue pie
Your favorite small plate recipe
Summer Refreshment 101
One of the receipes from your favorite dinner party
A story of a food contest you entered or held with friends

Just email us at and thanks!


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Are you going to Knoxville? That's where I'm from. I'll ask my family for any of the latest on good places to eat while in the area.

DC Food Blog said...

Thanks BG!

Anonymous said...

I don't have much internet access (just moved, and Comcast sucks a big fat one), but I will definitely try to send you some material. I spent three excellent years in Knoxville, so I can definitely suggest some places!

Katy said...

This isn't food related....but if you're in Austin please stop by Joe's Generic Bar on 6th for me. God, I love that place!

OH - and you MUST go get the gingerbread pancakes at Kirby Lane. I'm literally salivating as I think of them...mmmmmmm.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Just e-mailed you a list of places in Knoxville, enjoy!

rebecca 1.0 said...

THE cafe mozart? as in the one i spent several years of happy hours at? the one where one of you first showed me the wedding ring you bought the other one? oh please please, if this is one and the same, i would derive no greater pleasure in life than to review my beloved-ish cafe mozart. lemme know darlins.