Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ten Things About the Top Chef Reunion

1. The judges - not so annoying. Billy Joel's Child Bride was not as robotic as she usually is. Gail was nearly as bitchy and Chef Tom was nearly as high and mighty. What endears me to the judges in this episode is that they are truly horrified at the bad behavior and show an emotion other than smugness. This is the most human I've seen them and their reactions seem real. Now tell me that the Earth has been sucked into a vortex because I never thought I would say that.

2. Lay of the alcohol because even the people who weren't acting out looked tipsy. And the people who WERE acting out? to quote dancerindc - "nuttier than a payday bar."

3. Early eliminees (excluding Ken and up to Miguel) seemed really good natured and seemed to get a lot out of the experience. Lisa and Andrea seem really good natured. Miguel also wasn't confrontational so good on him

4. Speaking of Ken. The dude is a king sized payday bar. I will totally allow that he was playing for the cameras but really, do you want big effing tool as your calling card? The man was so off the hook with his response to reliving his elimination and his stupid laughing at Stephen's apology to Candice. His awful cackling and throwing of water bottles wants to make me take out a retraining order on him. Ken you cannot come closer than 50 feet TO ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING.

5. Way to lose the blunt cut bangs Lee Ann. You are rocking the side parted longer bangs and the dewy makeup. Any guy would be lucky to be your boyfriend.

6. Could Stephen be...human? He seemed really aware that he came off as a complete and utter tool and his response to seeing himself on tv was right on. I especially liked his answer to why he felt the need to educate the world. His apology to Candice seemed sincere (if alcohol induced). However, using the term white trash (no matter how deserved) came close to wiping away all the goodwill he was generating in the rest of the episode.

7. Harold comes off as such a stand-up guy. His defense of Stephen was spot on (saying that Stephen really was a split personality). And his look of embarrassment at the crazy behavior around him earned him massive amounts of brownie points. And he needs to bask a little in all of the positive attention he's getting. And the other chefs love him. It takes a huge amount of likability to go through a reality show without pissing anyone off. Anyone who disses the wedding challenge is golden in my book.

8. For someone who left the show early on, Cynthia has a lot to say. She had a comment on almost every topic and would not shut up.

9. On the other end of the spectrum...LET IT GO DAVE!!!!! You made it to the final three and you still hold the big ass grudge against Tiffani. You have to know that everyone has been on your side on this but when you keep going after her it's unseemly. The first time Tiffani is shown interrupting Dave, it seems like he's still in that insecure place where he has to put all of his defenses up as opposed to blowing her off. You don't make yourself look good when it's so clear Tiffani can get under your skin so easily. And letting the world know you're broke Dave? Sounds kind of desperate. The whole Dave and Tiffani interaction is just ugly. Noone comes off well in it but least of all Dave.

10. Finally, Tiffani. Tiffani. Tiffani. Tiffani. I feel bad for her that she was the object of the pile on but she really doesn't want to take any responsibility for her actions. Taking the I'm Not Your Bitch, Bitch t-shirt was so not classy. The walking off the set acting when everyone speculates that she turned town the heat on Lee Ann's oven in the first episode is just plain stupid. You were their monkey when you signed the contract to be on the show. Tiffani's continuous "I'm here to win" is my F1. Knowing how they have edited her means that we will see a lot of confessionals from Tiffani saying she's there to win.


ScottE. said...

There really shouldn't have been drinking at the reunion show! By Anyone! And Steven sitting there with giant bottle of whatever sitting between his legs...Um, white trash much?

I thought for a minute Tiffani was blowing chunks off stage? She looked like crap the whole show...what the flock was she wearing. And spot on...Lee Ann was HOT!

Stef said...

I've only seen the first few minutes of it... I definitely need to catch this in reruns! I think I saw through the part where Stephen starts to talk about why he "educates" people. But you're right - Lee Ann looked amazing!

Dancer in DC said...

Tiffani = camera whore

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

The show was a three ring circus. I read that Stephen and Tiffani in particular were pretty wasted. So I'm not surprised that there runor is she blew chunks offstage.

Another big rumor going around is that Harold and LeeAnn are an item. Can you imaging the great food they would cook if they teamed up.

It's going to be interesting to see how the final plays out. Apparently there is an elimination challenge before the big finale.

Who do I want to see win? It's a toss up between Harold and Dave. Harold is an accomplished cook but Dave's really come a long way in the series.

Who do I think will win? I'm leaning towards Harold so far only because he has the coolest demeanor in the kitchen. He has proven he can handle the stress. Tiffiani gets bitchy under stress and Dave cries. I think it will come down to whoever keeps their act together and stays the most composed.