Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ginormous News

Ok. I'll just say that this week's recap will be folded into a ginormous mega recap next week. Like everyone in the blogosphere, we had a crazy busy weekend. While I let all of you know about the wedding stuff, I can now let the blogoverse know about the other ginormous news. We're moving! Even thought we are only moving from Capitol Hill to a certain Prince George's County suburb that rhymes with Beverly, this is a MAJOR lifestyle change for us. We're going from having all of Eastern Market and 8th street at our fingertips to living in a tree lined, economically diverse, 10-minute-drive-from-retail neighborhood. I'm already tearing up about the move but it's certainly the right decision. Three times the space for essentially the same amount in rent! Hell YEAH!

We're moving into a house which has almost everything we would want in the next place we would move to. Dishwasher? Check. Finished basement with washer dryer? Check. Den? Check. Second bedroom? check. Central air? Check. Yard? Check. Dinng room? check. You heard it right, DINING ROOM. This means dinner parties where people will not be balancing their plates on their laps. TABLE SETTINGS AND CENTERPIECES!!!! While the kitchen is TINY, we'll have more cabinet space. I am over the moon that our out of town guests won't have to share their room with a computer, my quilting supplies, and a vaccuum cleaner.

So how did this happen? For some reason both J and I were awake at 6:00 am last Friday. As he likes to do, he was looking at real estate ads on Craigslist. "Honey, could you come here for a sec?" And I was thinking J was going to show me some outrageously priced Capitol Hill House that would piss me off. Then he shows me a rental listing for the house. I fell in love immediately. We waited until a more reasonable hour to call the realtors and I giddily told them how much we loved the Town of Rhymes with Beverly and would love to live in that house. Because of the wedding, we couldn't see the place until Sunday evening. But we charmed the pants off the realtors and were as unthreateningly gay as possible.

Yesterday the relators said that they wanted us to rent the house, stating that "we were exactly the type of nice couple they were looking to rent to." Who would have thought that an interracial, same-gender couple, was some realtor ideal renter?

To stef, scotte, and jason, watch out for the invitation.


dc rebecca said...

Though we're of course very happy for you, we here on Capitol Hill will mourn your loss.

rebecca 1.0 said...

wow, congratulations! and you'll have senators again!

ScottE. said...

Congrats! We've been happy with our move to PG as well...we got twice the space for less money! So woot woot! But no dishwasher, sadly.

Dancer in DC said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! We fully expect to come to a dinner party in the near future. :)