Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grey's Anatomy and Relationships - Not at all about food

This post has been percolating in me for a while. I've deliberated on posting it. Even though it has nothing to do with food, I am jumping in. I'm an avid watcher of Grey's Anatomy - the writing rocks, the acting rocks, the direction rocks. I love the totally flawed characters. Up to a point. And that point was well passed during the season finale.

When it comes to tv love, and sometimes love in real life, I feel like Commander Data. I have simply never understood the whole idea of unrequited love. I'm all, "what is this emotion that you humans talk about?" when I think of unrequited love. As soon as I find out that a guy I'm interested in is not interested back, he doesn't seem all that attractive. There are two overwhelming desires that I have (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER) - finality and possibility. I have a desperate need to know where I stand to the point that I often start a confrontation. I have always said up front that I have feelings the other person because I just need to know RIGHT AWAY how they feel. And this leads to my desperate need for possibility. I love looking forward to things - vacations, weddings, houses. Those things need to be attainable, otherwise I don't find it fun. That leads to my immunity to unrequited love. I can't be attracted to someone that I don't see myself having a future with. Not just the whole marriage and kids thing, but the savoring of that first date where you're all excited. If I know that it won't happen since they have no interest in me, then it's hard to feel attraction to that.

So Grey's Anatomy. I love Cristina. I love Bailey. I love Addison. Meredith Grey and McDreamy? Not so much. I just don't get how you can be attracted to someone who dissed you. No matter what the reason is, and how complicated the situation, the basic fact is Derek threw Meredith away. Does the hot sex cancel that out? It wouldn't for me. But the bitter cherry on top of that ice cream sundae of woe (whoah! When did I start with the metaphors) is the fact that Mcdreamy called you a whore. Because he couldn't come to terms with his own conflicted feelings, he calls you a whore. If rejection is a dealbreaker for me, being called a prostitute is out of the ballpark awful. Why on earth would you be attracted to someone who calls you names?

You know what's attractive to me? Respect. J is seriously the hottest guy on earth because he gets me and values me AND WOULD NEVER CALL ME NAMES. I get weak in the knees when J gives me a certain look because I know that he really sees me and cherishes every part of me. It's totally thrilling to me that he chose me to spend the rest of his life with. This is why it's imcomprehensible that Meredith isn't going "fuck that shit" with Derek and making a beeline to Finn.

Thanks for indulging me. I'm at a conference so I won't be posting for the next week and a half.


Miss Scarlet said...

I can understand what you're saying but I guess for those not immune to the unrequited love thing, it would be hard to just cut it all off.

I always love to read thoughts on Greys Anatomy!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. Not at all impressed with the big cliff hanger. Who will Meredith choose? I'm upset they killed off Deni. That would have been a better ending, whether he lives or dies. I'm so over Meredith & Dr. McDreamy.

ScottE. said...

I'm sure they would have been able to do something a little different with Meridith if it weren't for the fact that the show is called Grey's Anatomy. Frankly, she doesn't need to be on the show for me to love it. I'm dying in love with George's new girl (Sara Ramirez). I love Addie...I hope they keep her on and in the story. I'm sad about Denny as well. And Izzy...did she look good in the dress...I'm just saying.

LOVE Grey's but yeah, this Meridith/McDreamy issue is crazy.

Stef said...

Always feel free to post on my 2nd favorite show on tv! :-)

I agree, I've been over the Meredith/McDreamy storyline since pretty much the beginning of this season. Love Cristina and Burke, love Addison, LOVE Bailey, love George (although I'm not totally warmed up to Callie yet). I even have my moments of loving Karev. Thought Izzy was stunningly gorgeous in that dress - what a tragic story with Denny. I actually cried. I even also like the Meredith's mom/Weber, painful Alzheimer's storyline.

I just could not care less at this point about the teary-eyed McDreamy story. I was really angry at Derek, especially, cuz he seems to be manipulating her -- and he's the one who's married to someone who is trying really hard. Yes, Meredith allows herself to be manipulated, but we've all seen that she's weak and vulnerable and self-destructive.

I've heard that Chris O'Donnell has signed on for next season, so maybe there's hope that she ends up with Finn. Or at least not McJerk. I'm sorry that Izzy has quit the program -- maybe she'll still be around as a friend???

melinda said...

I also love the show. And the normal - i.e. complicated/flawed - characters. Although I don't love Mer/Der together, I do think their storyline is an interesting one to pursue for the sake of a t.v. drama and because most shows wouldn't have taken a whole season to explore what would really happen if someone tried staying with the wife for the good of the family. Although some people have clear ideas about what they want out of another person, not everyone can stick by the best case scenario all of the time. Unfortunately, I think real people do get into situations with shades of gray and decide they'd rather feel something for someone even if its sometimes love and sometimes hate than be out there to go it alone. I hope what they do next season is show some of the positives/negatives of making this choice between Der and Fin. I can't wait. And we can only hope that by watching this unfold that some of us may be able to learn from fictional characters instead of putting our own selves through gray areas. No pun intended with gray:)