Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Turn the World Around

So Kate Clinton in her first book talked about how she took insults from the right wing as compliments. Because when a nutjob calls you a ball-busting feminazi bitch, the best response is "why thank you!"

I think about this because Beth from Sothefishsaid posted a few pictures of her baby celebrating said baby's chubby little thighs. It made me sad that as an adult, those chubby little thighs would be deplored as signs of gluttony. They would be held against her and she would feel self conscious of them. I hate that. When I spent Thanksgiving with my little cousins, one of them giggled and said that my belly was big. I had this little clench in my stomach at being judged by an 8 year old. She finished her statement by saying, "I like putting my head on it." The assessment of the bigness of my belly wasn't an indictment. It wasn't a judgement. It was an observation. A compliment. But every other social signal I get from society tells me that big belly = shame.

I find this totally crazy I've internalized this, since the men that make me hot are men with some meat on their bones (i.e. J!). I had a boyfriend who was thin as a rail. We'd cuddle and I'd wake up with bruises because of his hipbones sticking out of his waist. Why would I feel bad about having a belly then?

Growing up I got (and still get) all types of crap for having a healthy appetite. My sister always used to damn me with the phrases "I eat to live. You live to eat." With that in mind, I was out to dinner with my brother and his girlfriend and she remarked "I love how you eat." This sent me into a tizzy and I had to defend myself by saying "Nooooo, I don't love to eat. Eating sucks. Blech. Boo food." How effing wrong is that? Someone went to the trouble of making me a meal, plating it, and serving it to me. I SHOULD enjoy it. It SHOULD register on my face that I enjoy it and I SHOULD eat the damn thing with gusto. Food isn't just about nourishment. It's about pleasure. It's about socializing. It's about family. If it WAS just about nourishment, then there's no need for restaurants. There would be no need for THANKSGIVING. But once again, what was a compliment about my enjoyment of food, was taken as an insult, because heaven forbid in this society you should enjoy food.

So the next time someone decides to call me fat, my response with be THANK YOU.


ScottE. said...

Sing Out Honey! I hear ya! Many times I try to blame my foodie habits on something else but really it's because I love the food and the experiences that go with the food...and it shows, OK!

Demetrius said...

Another example of a terrific post, and agree with your comment about just turning and saying 'Thank you'. Mean people suck anyway, and are incorrect in feeling that putting people down somehow makes them feel better.

That being said, my beautiful wife surprised me with a terrific dinner last night and wanted to post the recipe in case you or anyoen else is interested in giving it a try.

Peanut encrusted Pork Chops

3 center cut pork loin chops
Dry/ Rub mixture
1cup peanuts coarsely ground
4 tsps of wasibi powder
1/4 cup corn meal
1/4 cup italian bread crumbs
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp caynne powder

In a bowl or shallow dish beat one egg and mix with 1/8 cup of peanut sauce.

In another container mix all dry ingredients together. Dip, and spread the wet mixture over entire chop. Drop into dry mixture coating both sides throughly with the rub.

Preheat oven to 350, and bake for 35 minutes.

DC Food Blog said...

Thanks Demetrius. That recipe sounds killer. I have never cooked pork at home (without my mother's strict supervision). Any advice on keeping the chops moist? That crust sounds perfect for chicken.

Demetrius said...

My guess is that you don't overcook the meat but will ask my wife and ask her post a reply.

She has heard me rave about your blog and its terrific recipes, and is going to start reading/commenting as well.

My apologies as well for not trying out your carrot cake recipe, but promise to do so soon.

amberleigh said...

Hello, Demetrius' wife here...

To answer your question about cooking the pork chops. Your oven should be set to 425 and cook your chops for 20 mins - 10 min on each side, the temp of your pork should reach 160 degrees or when you poke it it should run clear.

As for keeping them tender, I think encrusting helps. And I agree with you, I think the recipe would be great with chicken or even certain types of fish.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

AMEN! Thank you! As someone who never really grew out of her chubby baby thighs, I can really relate.

Anonymous said...

As George Bernard Shaw once opined, "there is no more sincere love than that of food". Anyone who's seen "Alive" will agree.

Besides, nothing makes me nuttier than some woman commenting on her fellow sister's eating habits-- unless they are dangerous or a cause for genuine concern. I have the opposite problem-- I'm skinny, but I eat a lot (hey, I'm half Asian, it's genetic) and I have people passing judgement on me all the time. Last month, I had a girl I had just met (at dinner no less) mutter something about my being bulimic when I had to pee after the main course. What I was too stupid/polite to mention was, I had a couple of extra beers waiting for her tardy ass to show up!

Dancer in DC said...

ScottE needs to give you some advice on pork - we cook it constantly in our home - it's actually my favorite meat, honestly.

And you know I like a little meat on my man, m'kay?

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