Friday, January 06, 2006

Restaurant Week

Ok Internets. I need your advice. We're trying to find a place to go for restaurant week. Last year we went to Courdoroy and it was spectacular. This year we need to find a place with a vegetarian option.

Here's the possibilities:

DC Coast
Rosa Mexicano
Willow Restaurant
The Oval Room


Demetrius said...

I would pick Courduroy as your first choice, and then Ceiba if no dates/times are available.

Courduroy has received wonderful reviews on DonRockwell, DCFoodies, etc... and do not think that you can go wrong.

Ceiba is also a restaurant to visit, and think that DCFoodies would strongly agree.

culocho said...

I agree that Corduroy is great. Did it for RW over the summer and was really happy with my choice. If you like Southern-style food than consider Vidalia, one of my favorites.
Also, regarding Rosa Mexicano. My boyfriend works there and I've never been too nuts about the food there, probably because I'm not crazy about Mexican. However, I do enjoy their special menus, and for RW they do a nice job. But I'm not really an impartial voice.

DC Food Blog said...

I was leaning towards Courdoroy. We went there for last summer's restaurant week and wrote one of hte most rapturous reviews on our blog.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Count me in for Corduroy as well. Hubby goes there often to sit at the bar and enjoy the bar menu but the dining room is outstanding. We're planning to go there next month for his birthday.

the other rebecca said...

I went to Rosa Mexicano for free several months ago (ah, the joys of a s.o. with connections) and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Go for a margarita and the yummy duck appetizer sometime, but don't bother with dinner.

Dancer in DC said...

A couple comments.

DC Coast is OK, but not spectacular. I went there for a business dinner and was plesantly fed, but nothing that made me want to run back.

Rosa Mexicano is a great place for appetizers and drinks. The guac they make at the table is fabulous. But I agree with Rebecca - the entrees are just average. For a great deal like Restaurant Week, I'd go elsewhere.

Katherine said...

I support the Cordoroy pick--I went for the last restaurant week. They have dessert with a fancy name that's really just tarted up Kit Kat bars. Not to be missed.