Monday, January 02, 2006

Group Food/Dining Experiences

After enjoying several recent get togethers loaded with tradition, I've decided to build a list of group dining/eating experiences from various cultures, religious traditions, etc. The key component is the centrality of food to the get together and the participation in the same meal by several to many people, etc.

Here is what I have thought of off the top of my head. Can folks weigh in with others?

Chinese banquet
Chinese steamboat
Beef Seven Ways
Crawfish/Crab boil
Dim Sum
The Feast of the Seven Fishes
Fish fry
Tea (Afternoon or High) (see comments for interesting info.)
Passover Seder
Pig roast

p.s. I'm not as concerned about whether something totally fits these parameters, fire away!

And thank you!



Anonymous said...

By 'high tea' you mean something like sausage, egg and chips right? Because that's what high tea is - early supper - it is not afternoon tea with scones, cakes and dainty sandwiches!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

In the South, the tradition is to eat Black Eyed Peas and Hog Jowl. I've tried Hog Jowl once, and only once. It was my family's first year in Tennessee when I was a kid. I didn't care for it but then again it was fixed by my Yankee mother who knew nothing about Southern cuisine.

Anonymous said...

Though you are right, the comment is a bit agressive don't you think?

It's is true though, "high tea" is used by many books, hotels, inns, food writers, websites, etc. to signify a gathering with tea and typically such fare as "scones, cakes and dainty sandwiches." It's a misnomer though and clearly, a common mistake.

See more at:

-Emily in KS

DC Food Blog said...

Hi folks- Thanks for the tea info. I was unaware and its good to know. Thanks also to BG for the comment!

MAW said...

tapas? fondue?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I came across as agressive! Marketers referring to afternoon tea as 'high tea' is something that really pushes my buttons . . .

Other communal eating events:

Easter (here in Bermuda it's all about codfish cakes on hot cross buns on Good Friday)
Diwali (sp?) Hindu Festival of Lights

ScottE. said...

Back home in's the "cookout." Lots of grilled meats, several salads, pasta and potatoe, chips and dips, including seven layer dip and taco dip. And "beer," and by "beer" I mean Bud light and Miller.

And you need outside of that, is a large enough back yard for the weber grill, some lawn chairs, maybe some space for a horseshoe pit, some sort of ball/catch, maybe frisbee and if you're throwing a really big cookout, a volleyball court.

From Memorial Day until Labor Day, everyweekend, someone is having a Cookout....and it sometimes incorporates the potluck theme as well.

Ilaine Upton said...

Oyster roast
Bull roast
Pancake breakfast
Shad planking