Monday, January 23, 2006

Fun at the Cotillion

This past Saturday was The Other Rebecca's birthday party with a Southern Cotillion theme. You see, TOR is from Atlanta, land of Scarlett O'Hara, Blanche Devereaux, and all of the Designing Women. However, our friend missed out on the Southern tradition of a coming out party and treated herself to one for her birthday. Her and Rachawpo's house was adorned with copies of Southern Living, Junior League cookbooks and magnolia napkins. Mint juleps were the drink of choice and were staggeringly strong. TOR was resplendent in her tiara and crinolines.

Even more resplendent was the food she made. I have foodie envy has she has mastered and improved on dishes that I have struggled with. For example, her blondies - how did she cut them in such perfect squares with such clean edges? And how did she made them stay moist for the evening? My one attempt at a blondie ended us as a some very nice tan shingles after a couple of hours.

And then there were the spinach balls. So much better than the ones J and I have made. Much more spinachy with a stronger flavor of cayenne. How do you do it Miss Rebecca? They were divine.

Finally, the pecan cheese log. Must have that recipe. Served with Ritz crackers, they were the perfect centerpiece to a Southern living party.

All of that cooking gave me the vapors.


the other rebecca said...

AUGUSTA! I'm from Augusta, the other trisyllabic A-bookended Georgia city. Thanks for the praise . . . and the bacon. I'll send you recipes this week.

DC Food Blog said...

Aaaaugh! I just dissed the entire city of Augusta!!! Sooo sorry. I was still on a mint julep high. BTW for those readers who are wondering, we gave the Other Rebecca a bowl of applewood smoked organic bacon for her birthday. At a Halloween party we were all at, the hostess served soup with various accoutrements, one of which was a bowl of bacon. TOR actually scooped up the bowl and ate the bacon as if it were potato chips. We vowed to give her a bowl of bacon when the time was right. Rebecca put the bowl out for her guests and it was empty in 15 minutes. Rebecca, your bowl of bacon idea is a winner.

ScottE. said...

a bowl of bacon...what fun!!!!

sadly i was comitted this weekend and missed the festivitating.