Monday, December 19, 2005

Recipe for a Perfect Christmas - Recap teaser

I will post the full recap but there's so much to say about this awful Lifetime movie. I wanted to give a little context before launching into the full recap. Everything that's bad about Lifetime movies gets multiplied by 10. It was so bad, J had to tape a few minutes of Strong Medicine, the Lifetime hospital drama so we could get acclimated to bad Lifetime tv. Anyway, there are three themes to this movie: 1. Bad things happen to women with ambition. 2. Women with ambition are fundamentally damaged people. 3. Christine Baranski is slumming. One broad assessment: Carly Pope does not in any way look related to Christine Baranski. Carly looks like a poor man's Eva Longoria and Christine looks Irish and Chinese (due to her facelifts). Every chick flick cliche gets used and abused. I'll be posting the recap in sections over the next couple of days but be warned, this movie is atrocious.

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