Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Recipe for a Perfect Christmas - Part Three

So it appears Alex hates Christine's singing as much as the rest of us. He takes a business call right in the middle of her set. He then lies through his teeth and says he's having a terrific time and he wants to see her again. Meanwhile PMEL is being given the "you go girl" from her new gays at the Middle Eastern restaurant. She runs into Alex on her way home and lists every single ingredient in her lamb tagine. PMEL drunkenly talks aobut how her mother is the fun one and she's the serious one. Because single career women can't have fun. They are dead inside.

While PMEL is at work, we get treated to a montage of Chrstine desperately looking for work. Any work. She's flat broke. We never find out why but I suspect she blew it all on plastic surgery. She tries being a secretary, teaching dance classes (the kids are yelling at her lack of ballet skills), and waiting tables.

Chrstine isn't the only one going through hell as Alex finds out construction is cutting off his electricity and gas for the afternoon. This is precisely the moment PMEL comes to the restaurant. It turns out to be good timing because we see Alex's sister and nephew come in. He roughhouses with his nephew, establishing his status as a family guy, even if he's single and focused on his career. Single career men are allowed to be warm, friendly people who like kids and holidays. Single career women? Dead inside.

Oh god. Another office scene. SMEL gets an expensive bouquet of lfowers from Alex. Where'd he get the money for THAT? Does integrity actually pay the bills? Christine comes home to find herm other looking despondent, although she's too self-involved to care. Her mother then says that she RSVPed for PMEL to a fancy party and will be taking Alex. PMEL gets all pissy because now she has to make an appearance at the party.

In the taxi on the way to the party, Christine prattles on aobut her love of Brazilians as PMEL and Alex make googly eyes at each other. In what appears to be a family trait, Christine is oblivious to the flirting. Once they get to the club Christine makes a beeline to the dance floor where she does this stupid sexy dance alone. She drags Alex into this spectable and PMEL looks pissed that Alex is having a good time with her mother. She storms out of the club.

The next morning, PMEL bithcing aobut the night before to SBF. And SBF observes that PMEL has the hots for Alex. Now screwing up another romantic comedy convention, PMEL just turns around and goes "well yeah, I do have the hots for Alex." Lifetime, you need to string this along until the end of the movie where she has her BIG realization. We're only halfway through.

After commericals we have PMEL being seated in Alex's restaurant for her mandatory visit. Alex is all about family. Therefore the restaurant's seating is family style. While PMEl insists on no special treatment, Alex regales her with his most thoughtful dishes. She responds with her typical recounting of every single ingredient of each dish. Food porny montage of Alex cooking and PMEL eating.

The next day PMEl is still in afterglow from the meal. She's surrounded by gift baskets form ass kissing restaurants. She's got writer's block . Stupid storytelling. The great food at Alex's restaurant should have opened up her libido AND her talent. She really is dead inside.

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