Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meyer Lemons

I can't stop sniffing my hands. You see, Meyer lemons are in season and I decided to make limoncello for a gift exchange. For those of you who haven't encountered the joys of this California lemon (all good things come from California - i.e. ME), the Meyer lemon is all about aroma. You just keep sniffing and sniffing for that lovely citrus fragrance that tickles your nose and perks your senses. Meyer lemons have the lightness of citrus but a lovely wafting floral scent I can't completely describe. It smells like citrus bouquet. The taste almost lives up to the scent. Somehow this have the flavor of lemon without the face smooshing sourness. Because limoncello only requires the zest of a lemon, we used the juice for lemonade, a wierd but wonderful treat in the middle of snowy evening. I just zested 15 of those suckers and their scent lingers on my hands. I am hold off on giving you the limoncello recipe because I have no idea if it will turn out. If it does, I'll let you all know. In the meantime I an sniffing my hands.


ScottE. said...

Oh that sounds/smells delicious! Must let us know how the limoncello turns out!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Lord Brandenburg and I had our fair share of limoncello in Malta on our honeymoon. We still have a bottle sitting in our freezer - not sure what the heck we're waiting for there... anyway, I would LOVE to have a recipe!

Randi said...

God, Id kill for some meyer lemons. None to be found round here though, bummer.