Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday TV Goodness Part 2

There is not way the Food Network would let the holiday season pass without a Paula Deen Christmas Special. It's yet another chance to go over her rags to riches story, and somehow I get a little verklempt. I'm a big ol' softy after all. We start with a lifestyle porntastic tour of Savannah. It is only the lack of fundthat prevents me from booking a flight and a weekend at a bed and breakfast in that town. We see gorgeous antebellum mansions and get taken along for a carriage ride around the city. after that gorgeousness we go to the Christmas tree farm where Paula and her boys, Jaime and Bobby and choosing a tree. We get into tear jerking mode, when Paula and Jaime (the taller, puffier one) reminisce about the lean times when they were too busy and too poor to get a tree. Jaime recalls one Christmas where his mother was working herself to the bone and the boys called her home to a Christmas tree made out of a hatrack, two ornaments and a silver garland. much dust. Eyes tearing up. Enough of that. Paula's shopping for tacky tchotckes! Oh no, another story from the lean times. Bobby (the darker, squintier one) recalls where they only had $200 for Christmas and decided to adopt of family and give THEM presents. Apparently, Paula looks like an elf in leggings. Then we go to Paula's living room that has 30 foot ceilings. In the corner is an enormous Christmas tree strung up with lights. Paula lets a little of her control freak out as she tells Jaime and Bobby exactly where to put the amaryllis deocration. We have a little segment where Paula makes her coconut cake for an auction at her restaurant. She also gets a gingerbread house maker to make a replica of Paula's house for the auction. That replica should be made of butter. Paula is auctioneer and she does this little mock fast talking. People are buying the baked goods for in the hundreds of dollars. More like buying a chance to be on TV as the winning bidder. But, whatever, it's all going to charity. Next is the cooking segment where Paula makes a crown roast and the boys make the sides. It's typical Paula. Nothing to add. More hilarity when we go to Paula's gag gift session for her restaurant employees. Paula and her husband Michael are dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. For some reason Michael is wearing a fake beard which seems unecessary since he has a large beard himself. The most hilarious is that Jaime and Bobby are dressed in green elf outfits. They aren't mugging for the camera or anything. They are just sitting there in green elf outfits. We then move to a highlight montage of Paula's year. That includes footage of Jaime's wedding to Brooke. Finally we're in front of the Christmas tree at Paula's house where she is giving gag gifts to her family. Gathered around the tree are Paula, Michael, and the boys along with Brooke, Aunt Peggy, Paula's brother Bubba, his daughter, and his "companion," a woman who looks like she's Brooke's sorority sister. Much laughter ensues and they are grateful for everything they have.


Anonymous said...

As much as I love Food Network and love (to make fun of) Paula Deen, I was a bit disappointed by this special. I much preferred the Thanksgiving special when drunk Paula chortled about how much butter she cooked with and the two boys made cholesterol on a stick appetizers.

the kitchenette said...

Best Paula Deen recipe ever: Pumpkin Buttercakes.,1977,FOOD_9936_20677,00.html

Absolutely irresistable and sinful. If there's some chick way too hot and skinny for her own good (that blonde bombshell in the office you can't stand) give her these for xmas and you'll feel better. She won't be able to put them down.

the kitchenette said...

oooops, better?

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