Monday, March 24, 2008

Which of these is a can't miss . . .?

A while back, we had an entry with a list of places we've wanted to try. We've checked a few off the list, most notably Guajillo, Locanda, Thai Square and Mark's Duck House (mini-reviews coming).

For our next step, we want to hear from you. If you were going to pick three (okay four) from this list as can't miss spots, what would make the cut?

Bangkok 54
Bebo Trattoria
Bob’s Noodle 66
Colorado Kitchen
Cuba de Ayer
Eat First
El Charrito Caminante
Pollo Campero
Faidley’s (Baltimore)
Farrah Olivia
Hank’s Oyster Bar
Ill Mee Buffet
Joe’s Noodle House
La Sirenita
Mi Rancho
Ray’s The Classics
Ruan Thai
Saigon Café
South Street Steaks
Tabard Inn
Taqueria Distrito Federal
Taqueria Nacionale
Thanh Son Tofu


Missy said...

I've had great experiences at Bangkok 54 and Etete (though I prefer Dukem).

I've enjoyed Duangrats, Eat First and Zaytinya but wouldn't file any under the "don't miss" category (maybe Zaytinya, but I've heard bad things about it recently and haven't been in quite some time).

I'd be most interested in hearing about El Charrito Caminante, Farrah Olivia and South Street Steaks.

Stephanie said...

My votes: Rasika and Zaytinya, (Sadly Komi remains on my "can't miss " list as well.

I've been to Rasika 3 times in the past month and have loved everything on the menu. The Palak Chaat is scrumptious! I should be posting a review of Zaytinia later tonight, but to give a brief note: wow. The lamb 4-ways...I'd go there over and over again just for that dish.

ScottE. said...

I've been to Rasika, Tabard Inn and Zaytina. I don't even remember a thin about Tabard Inn, I'd skip it. Rasik and Zaytina are great fun. The food I had at Rasika was good...but the dessert we had was amazing...Orange Cardamom Ice Cream with Mango...WOW...I've made the Ice Cream and it's heaven. The mango was a special Indian Mango that is only imported one month a year, so it's not an easy peasy thing to get. Zaytina is just fun...!

Sous Blue said...

The only one that I would put on a "must see" list is Zaytinya.

There are some others that I like - including Hanks and Creme, but don't know if they'd make my must-visit list.

Monique said...

I recommend Colorado Kitchen, Etete, and Komi. Enjoy!

gayngry said...

My partner and I are fairly low maintenance gays so when we're in the mood for easy good food we prefer:
Ill Mee Buffet (you have to want meat if you go there)

Pollo Campero (tasty and cheap and near my house)

Cubanos (nice change of pace from the chain restaurants in downtown Silver Spring).

Anthony said...

Komi, Ray's the Classics, Zaytinya, and Hank's.

Anonymous said...

I saw the ad for Farrah Olivia in The Onion (of all places), and thought that this would be an interesting place to eat. After reading the reviews on, I decided to go ahead and try out their Brunch.

The start of the meal was great. The choice of spreads and breads were delicious. We had a beet jam, a mango butter, and a raspberry cream cheese. But the main courses were a bit salty for my taste (I guess that's why they didn't have a salt shaker on the table)

Most disappointing was the service. My companion ordered the 3-course meal, and they forgot the 3rd course. Not to mention that they brought us someone else's order at the beginning of the meal.

Ah. . . Farrah. . . If only you could improve.

DC Food Blog said...

Wow-- Thanks folks!

So much good advice! We've seriously debated going over to Ill Mee, but will now. We so love Korean food.

Zaytinya is a yes as are several of the others here.


Taresa said...

I *heart* Creme and Tabard Inn. Both have offered great meals, hearty meat and friendly service time and time again.

Anonymous said...

A cant miss is Bob's and Joe's Noodle. They are both equally delish and definitely 100% Authentic.

Everything at Bangkok 54 is SPICY! If you like that sort of stuff - then its decent. I can usually tolerate hot and spicy food, but they really go over the top with the chilis spice.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered the pad thai from Ruan Thai many times since I work near by and it is very good. I have not branched out to any of their other menu items but I look forward to trying them

Anonymous said...

Tabard Inn, Kotobuki, and Hank's Oyster bar are all musts in my mind.

iEatDC said...

Rasika and Zaytinya.

Barbara said...

My current favorites (not on your list) are Palena, Sonoma, Logan Tavern, and Black Salt. Of these Black Salt is the most spectacular. Happy eating!

Lyra said...

I have eaten at and reccomend Etete, Taqueria districto federal and Zaytinya. Zaytinya can be very loud and crowded on weekends, I suggest checking it out on a weeknight or during the day on a weekend. Try their octopus, and don't skip dessert. Etete has great Ethiopian (Dukem as well), and Taqueria districto federal is a hole in the wall that serves up some tasty tacos. DONT get dessert, rubbery pudding isnt worth it. Hanks is good too-though I havent been in quite a while, I liked the deep fried seafood:)

Komi, Komi is absolutely amazing but not cheap, definitely a very special occasion meal for me anyway. But it truly is delicious.Expect to spend about 3 hours wending your merry way through their tasting menu.

Barbara said...

Here's my two cents worth. I would recommend:
Bangkok 54

Duangrats (go to Rabieng their sister restaurant, cheaper and more home cooking/country style food)

Joe’s Noodle House (don't be afraid to get the spicy stuff)

Kotobuki (cheap delicious sushi - my 3 favorite words)

Ray’s The Classics (Or Rays the steaks, both delicious)

Zaytinya (small plate heaven)

These I would recommend to a lesser degree:
Bebo Trattoria (inconsistant quality of food and service but when it's good, it's great)

Bob’s Noodle 66 (liked it but prefer Joe's Noodle House)

Ill Mee Buffet (better Korean places to go to before this one, Gamasot, Yechon, Hee Been just to name a few)

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