Monday, March 24, 2008

Trusty's - in desperate need of a deep fat fryer

Can we take up a collection for Trusty's on Capitol Hill? They make some of the best hamburgers in the city but don't have a deep fat fryer so no fries, onion rings, cheese sticks, or wings to go with that. Just potato chips. I don't know about you all, bu potato chips aren't going to do it when I am having the best hamburger in DC. The meat is hand formed and comes from ground beef that tastes like beef. The patties are a perfect size and the beef is so good that I had a double burger, took out one patty, and just ate the patty by itself without the benefit of a bun. Still tasted pretty damn good. But really, a deep fat fryer would pay for itself in one night. How much can a fry daddy cost?

Speaking of fries, we went to Clare and Don's Beach Shack last Friday with our friends the Marrieds. It's a nice fried seafood restaurant with tons of vegetarian options. But the real kicker is the small, crinkle cut fries. J and I love those fries but only if they are small. Luckily, the fries served at Clare and Don's are small, meaning there's a good crisp to potatoey ratio there. It was nice to see them treat their vegetarian dishes with the same care they treated their fish.


Tanya said...

Are you really telling me that there is a good lunch place right by where I work and this is the FIRST TIME YOU'VE BLOGGED ABOUT IT???

Sorry, got carried away there. Can't wait to try it.

Tarasa said...

I've eaten a couple times at the Shack. Their soups are good, and I just had a homemade carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting (it was YUMMY).

I'm not a big fan of tofu but their appetizer of buffalo style tofu is pretty good.