Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take That Bay Area! DC food bloggers are doin’ it for themselves!

I’ve read the tales of the joys of the Bay area doing their food blogger potluck and the delights that were enjoyed. Like many other Washingtonians, I’ve always felt a tad inadequate about DC’s food scene. But now with the DC Food Blogger potluck, we are sticking our flag in the sand and saying that we can do a potluck too! So about a month or so ago, Trouble with Toast posted on her blog that she would love to do a food blogger potluck. Culinary Couture came on board to help organize and many bloggers joined the bandwagon. So yes, this weekend we will have the inaugural DC Food blogger potluck with a big chunk of the DC area food blog community represented.

From the looks of things, the menu will reflect DC’s international nature.We’ll make sure to give you a full blow by blow of the potluck, complete with catfights, fierce runway walks, and stolen granola bars. We at DCfoodblog will be making vegetarian and shrimp potstickers along with Vietnamese caramel fish and sticky rice cooked in a traditional Laotian basket. I hope our food can hold up to what will be a high standard of cooking. I definitely think we'll give those Bay Area foodies a run for their money. -T


bettyjoan said...

Can't wait to meet you and try your delicious-sounding creations! :-)

Tim said...

Good Job!: )