Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bruno and Austin

In January, my dear friend Lady Lancaster gave birth to twins, turning her family of three into a family of five. Holy cats, that's a huge change. It was a difficult pregnancy for Lady Lancaster (and really for the whole Lancaster family) as she was on strict bedrest for three months. The one ray of light was that I got to spend a lot of hanging out time with my oldest friend. I would stop by the hospital and spend hours talking about Tyra Banks, the Presidential Race, and our respective life paths. It was a great gift for me to be able to spend so much time with my dear friend just talking.

As Lady Lancaster is among the more social and active people I know, she was more than happy to give birth and subsequently be allowed to walk around. Being premature twins, Bruno and Austin were in the hospital for a good six weeks. Because of my crazy work schedule I wasn't able to see the twins until a few weeks ago, when they finally came home. Like I did with their older brother, I totally fell in love with the two babies. I totally don't get people who are bored by newborns. I adore newborns. While it's true newborns eat, poop, and sleep, holding a newborn means that your entire world is a soft, bundle of snuggliness.

What's amazing is that Bruno and Austin love to be held. They totally love having someone hold them close. There's something so profound about being able to be the entire world for another person. When you put them down they'll fuss and whimper a bit. But when you pick them up, they turn their head to get close to you and close their eyes and use their tiny little hands to grab you and pull you in. Seriously folks, there's no better feeling than a little baby snuggling next to you. It's like aromatherapy.

Thanks for being born you two. I hope my kids will be a nice as you.

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lemmonex said...

I often get overwhelmed by kids, but newborns are just heaven. Soft and sweet and cuddly...they smell yummy and everything is just so miniature. My friend always says babies are the great equalizers; even hardened men coo around a baby.