Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Uncle Brutha's: Trust The Hype

Back in the day, a wandering Texan crossed paths with the burrito cart at 15th and K. James and Patti Tui would hook me up with a bad-ass burrito a few times a week. It was always worth the wait. I loved the burritos but I had a deep personal need for their huge selection of hot sauces.

One day, James offered up some Arizona Gunslinger, a sauce I hadn't heard of before. The Gunslinger and I became fast friends. I was so dedicated that I bought a key ring with a trial-sized bottle connected on the thin metal ring. Arizona and I wanted to be close in a way Arizona the state And I never could be. My Arizona was off for Martin Luther King Day. My Arizona was hot but not too hot. I even sought out the company's website and bought a 32oz bottle (http://www.arizonagunslinger.com).

I was very excited while walking to Eastern Market to finally open the door to Uncle Brutha's Hot Sauce Emporium and see the Arizona Gunslinger right there inside the door on the bottom shelf.

Looking around, there were hundreds of sauces of all shades, spices, and flavors. Prices varied but for around five bucks you can grab most of them.

That would have been enough for me, a reunion with an old friend and a new place for sauce and gifts, but my co-worker said I should grab a bottle of Uncle Brutha's #9 green sauce. She's got great taste, so I thought I should go for it.

Oh my, what a wonderful, wonderful decision that was. This was two weeks ago and I have gone through the entire thing. I've used it on nachos, burritos, sandwiches, and gelato. I love it. I hate to say it, but I even had an evening when Arizona and Gunslinger and I were having a chat and the #9 called me from the kitchen and yelled "Flip my lid!"

We've since become a two-sauce family and all is well, but for one night, #9 ruled the roost. It's Serrano peppers, garlic, ginger, and deep brothy flavors will be a new staple in our cupboard. I visited again recently and learned that they are working on producing some larger bottles. Thank goodness. I'd love to share with guests, but the current bottle is just a bit small.

*OK, I didn't make gelato. Just checking to see if you're playing along. And the burrito cart is still there, but it's called Pedro and Vinny's. Rumor on the street is that it's stil mighty fine. If you can, hook them up with some Uncle Brutha's #9!


Addie said...

Uncle Brutha's is great! We stumbled upon that emporium during a recent trip to Eastern Market. I have a feeling its going to become a stop each time I visit the Market. :)

ScottE. said...

Where is this shop? it's been about two months since I've been down to Eastern Market (SHAME) and I dont' recall seeing it.

Addie said...

ScottE - here's the WaPo link...it's a little write up and more about location and hours.


Stef said...

That sounds so good! I had some of the best food experiences of my life trying out different sauces when I was in New Mexico.... things you can get in restaurants here don't even come close to those memories.