Friday, February 24, 2006

Obligatory Skating Entry - Not at all About Food

Ok. This has been the saddest ass Winter Olympics EVER. Here's my impression of what happened last night at the Ladies Free Skate. Sasha - I don't want the gold medal, YOU take it. Irina - I don't want the gold either, YOU take it. Shizuka - Oh fine. I'll take the damn medal. When the silver and broze medalists fall on one jump and seriously flub another, it's a sad ass Olympics. The gold medalist, Shizuka Arakawa landed five triples and no triple triple combinations. Michelle Kwans 1998 program would have kicked that program's ass. Michelle's half-hearted 2002 program WOULD HAVE GIVEN HER SILVER at this Olympics.

It's not like any of the other disciplines were any better. Plushenko gets a gold by skating back and forth for four minutes with no choreography. Jeffrey Buttle falls twice and gets a bronze. The Zhangs in pairs end up blow a throw jump to the point she is doing the splits on ice. They get silver.

I am not watching the exhibitions tonight because I don't want to be reminded of two weeks of crappy skating. My next post will be about food. I promise.


Jon said...

This WaPo story is a good, analytical run down of what you speak of:

Bring on the Summer Games.

john patrick said...

All the drama has been at the skating oval, with Shani and Chadi, fighting over who hugged who. I really want them to stop fighting and admit they care about each other. Maybe I am projecting.

Dancer in DC said...

They totally lurve each other.

john patrick said...

I actually saw part of the exhibitions, and I have a thing or two to say about them here.

What you missed was Plushenko skating around a pretend violinist and Navka & Kostomarov dressed like sex-frisky ewoks.

I also have a link to Plushenko's 'sex bomb' number, which is just not dignified.