Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In Praise of Hazelnuts and Love

So for the Opening Ceremonies get-together, I decided to forgo the nutella pizza and just add some hazelnuts to chocolate chip cookies. That was the best decision I have ever made, not including marrying J. The big disappointment of most nuts is that they don't taste like their liquers. YOu don't get that heady aroma from almonds that you do from ameretto. Pistachios don't really have that great pistachio ice cream flavor. With hazelnuts, it's a completely different story. They are redolent of that hazelnut aroma that flavors frangelico. In a cookie, it pairs perfectly with chocolate chip. It was like eating a nutella cookie. For any kind of dessert, I highly recommend hazelnuts as an aromatic finish.

And because it is Valentine's day, I wanted to include the lyrics to the song that J and I walked into for our wedding. It's a poem written by a Uraguayan poet Mario Benedetti about love and justice. My two favorite things. It captures exactly how I feel about J and the world we live in. Thanks J for being my lifelong Valentine.

I Adore You

If I adore you
it is because you are
my love my partner and everything
and in the street arm in arm
we are much more that two

Your hands are my caress
my agreed daily affirmation
I adore you because your hands
Work by justice

Your eyes are my spell
Against the bad day
I love you by your glance
that it watches and it sees future

Your mouth that is yours and mine
your mouth is not mistaken
I adore you because your mouth
Knows to shout defiance

And by your sincere face
and your vagabond step
and your weeping for the world
because of this I want you

And because our love is neither famous
nor innocent
and because we are two
who know we are not alone

I adore you in my paradise
it is to say that in my country
People live happily
although they do not have permission

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