Saturday, February 18, 2006

I am now Tarting it Up

If you haven't already, check out Tarting it Up. Good reviews and recipes with great pictures and creative writing style. Love it.

And if we don't link to you but you read here and have a regularly updated food blog, please holler back so we know.

Thanks! -J


john patrick said...

Wud shakin', g-money!

My blog is only occasionaly a food blog (most recently a cheating cioppino) did publish an anonymous author's tale of an african american woman sushi chef...

But often my blog is just me being narcissistic or complaining about the government.

So i don't know if you want to link to me, but i do know i can holla. Holla!

you don't have to read

john patrick said...

I've found two food blogs that I can't see enough of:

One is la majuluta. She's in Argentina. The pictures are gorgeous, even if you don't read Spanish.

The other is evil jungle prince, which is a guy in LA with an amazing handle of Asian cooking, especially Korean. Lately he's been experimenting with bakery.