Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Chef Season 3

Here's a quickie on Top Chef. I have high hopes for this season. The personalities seems a lot more stable and professional (with a few exceptions). The judges seem less invested in tearing people down (Chef Colicchio isn't sniffing and sneering as much). No women saying that they wil lbe using their attractiveness to get ahead. And the challenges really seem to be about innovation in cooking. Go figure.

Quick thoughts on the contestants:


Tre - Deserved winner of the elimination challenged. Love that he's low key yet not robotic. Love that he BROUGHT IT and came back from his humiliation at the quickfire.

Lia - Didn't get much air time but seems really down to earth and friendly. I seriously want to invite her over for scrabble.

Sandee - As a shout out to L.A. Story: SAnDeE*!!!! Love her! Sounds like she has a very defined style that isn't schticky. She seems to have the skills. Certainly isn't bringing the drama (YET!)

Sarah N - SSSOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!! Unfortunately the Golden Sister never gets to talk. Although there are many shots of her in a bikini coming out of a hot tub.


Casey - From Texas. Big Southern Flavors. Comfort food.

Dale - Messed up the elimination challenge but gets props for trying the exotic proteins.

Howie - From the promos he will be throwing down.

Micah - The Kara Janx of top Chef. Strong skills and won the quickfire but I don't see her going all the way.

Sarah M - Was she even in the episode?

Brain - Any comments? He hardly registered with me.

Camille - She's on the show?

CJ - He's REALLY tall.


Joey - Did tom from NFNS clone himself. This guy is like an entire season of hte Sopranos wrapped up in a chef sized package.

Hung - I should love him as a golden brother but HAAAAAAAAATEE! When you make Stephen from Season 1 look like a perfectly reasonable person, you are a serious douchebag (as opposed to a hilarious one). At least he can bring it.

Clay - I don't hate him but boy the editors weren't even trying to disguise that he was going to be the frist out. His cooking seemed atrocious but he seemed totally lovable. And did I hear correctly that his father committed suicide? He said "my father died because he couldn't make it in the food business."

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JordanBaker said...

Hung is also a longtime friend and coworker of S2's Marcel, which automatically gives him a black mark in my book. If you're friends with someone who manages to irritate even the lovely Harold, you're probably not the best dude in the world yourself.