Monday, October 23, 2006

Magical Device

How did J and I peel, core and chop 15 pounds of apples in an hour? With this magical device:

Our friend Pauline gave it to us for Christmas a few years back. And I think because of some evil apples, my first few tries were disastrous. This year we had so many apples I had to use the magical device and was luckily sucessful. I did the first few apples, and J did the rest while I chopped the slices into little bits for applesauce. The applesauce turned out beautifully. This year I have some babies I will be giving the applesauce to so I didn't put any cinnamon in this batch. For anyone who picks apples like we do, this is a invaluable device. It also works on pears. It won't work on a peach, unless the peach you are using is so underripe that it's as hard as an apple.


Husband said...

I can't say I'm crazy about them. I understand the use of them. But my mother has had one for years, and everytime I come home to cook Thanks giving dinner she busts this out thinking it will make pie making and pototo making easier.

I think by the time I get the nack for it again, I feel like I could be farther along with just my OXO peeler and elbow greese. I'll have to give it another chance this year.

ScottE. said...

I have one...have used it once...need to get me some good apples and go crazy!