Friday, August 19, 2005


G-d d--m it! We are so cursed. This happened all last summer. We tried to throw parties in our backyard and seven times out of eight, it RAINED! We have a tiny apartment with tiny rooms so people will be cramped. WHYYYYYY are you raining? Why won'y you let us have fun with our friends in our backyard. I bought tiki torches and everything.

Anyway, regardless of the rain, the food will be kicking. If I didn't mess up my dcfud entry, there would be a link to a brilliant recipe but because Mercury is in retrograde, craziness ensues. Anyway, there will be an Asian theme to the evening's food. The menu goes as follows:

Ginger mojitos
Blackberry lemonade
Blackberry lemonade with vodka

Satay chicken skewers
Satay vegetarian meatballs
Shrimp won tons
Vietnamese spring rolls (vegetarian and non)
Chocolate white chocolate chunk cookies (Barefoot Contessa)
Butterscotch pudding cake

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