Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Easy Spicy Omelet Love


So I've been doing a lot of hobbling about with some knee problems and relying on T for more of the ccoking, but this weekend I was on my own for breakfast so I hobbled to the kitchen to throw an omelet together.

I grew up with my grandmother coming over to make brekfast most mornings before school and omelets were her specialty. Usually just cheese or cheese and tomato for her, but they were always fantastic.

Ever wake up and just not have the energy to put a lot of thought or time into your cooking? Well, there I was. The pan was heated, a pat of butter was melting towards brown, and my eggs were nicely fork-beaten and ready to go.

"SSSSSSSSZZSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZ" went the eggs as I poured them into the pan and they began their journey to Fluffyville. I started scooting them around a bit and realized I really just wanted some more flavor. Short on time (it was already cooking), I went for the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Now I have often popped a little honey on an omelet with some pepper sauce or Tony Chachere's, but this was a novel idea. The sweet and spicy in one place! Yum!

Once I had gotten my omelet nice and fluffy, I poured about 1 1/2 tablespoons on top and flipped it several times so the sauce could coat both sides and warm up. I let it sit for about 10 seconds on each side and flip-folded it over onto my plate.

Sure enough, that first bite was zingy and slightly sweet. I love taking chances like that and having them pay off. Has that happened to you recently? Please share!

SHORT VERSION: I put some thai sweet chili sauce on an omelet and cooked it a bit. Risky cooking adventures? Comments? -J

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