Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sorisso: Mine was OK

Sorisso: Mine was OK

A recent call from Ms. Stitch resulted in a semi-impromptu gathering in Cleveland Park for three. T was out in Nebraska checking out the cuisine and doing some important work. Ms. Stitch, Theater Friend and I chose Sorriso on Connecticut Ave. right by the west exit/entry to the Cleveland Park Metro Stop.

I love to write rave reviews about places that are wonderful and exciting. This is not one of those reviews. While Sorriso certainly has a plus or two, on the whole, I would describe the food as “OK” and the experience as “nice” and I mean those with all sincerity.

The bread they brought to the table was good. Just rough enough on the outside and as soft on the inside to please all of us. We dipped it in the accompanying olive oil and enjoyed.

I had my basic standby, the linguini with red clam sauce. I almost always try this at Italian places and have had my share of fabulous versions and absolutely terrible ones. This was average, lacking either the imagination or excellent balance of flavors of the better versions I have had. There was a nice heat from the red pepper and the sauce had a good amount of garlic (a plus), but it was much too thin for my tastes. The clams were in shell and well-cooked. The pasta itself was as it should be. On the whole, mine was a decent meal. I can’t help but think that they could do a little better though. More tomato in the sauce? Some basil?

Theater Friend ordered the special, a sweet potato gnocchi in a butter sauce. I was surprised when his arrived. It was an attractive dish with a handful of steaming gnocchi lumps resting in a lacy parmesan basket and covered with a butter sauce. But where was the rest of it? Now being from Texas I have seen my share of ridiculous portions, but usually these are ridiculously large. This one was very small and left my friend hungry.

Ms Stitch had a pasta dish that I can honestly barely remember. Again, hers was pretty good. I couldn’t help but think that the food was just good enough that maybe there are some wonderful dishes we just hadn’t ordered.

The highlights for us were a very nice bottle of Proseco and a delicious lemon sorbet. The service from the daughter of the owner was measured and well-paced. She was friendly and engaging to the level that we were. The folks bringing water, clearing, and checking in were on-point and kind.

None of us were entirely disappointed, just a bit underwhelmed. Have you been? We’d love to hear about what we might have missed.

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Jon said...

I too was unimpressed with Sorisso when we went there, but that was the first week it was opened. We were excited that a little Italian joint was opening two blocks down, but left pretty unexcited. I got a grilled swoardfish -- not too good. My wife got a really good lasagna with a billion layers in it, but it was so tiny! Anyway, too bad. I had high hopes for that place and thought it was just opening night jitters...