Friday, March 04, 2005

The Ugly Mug - Reloaded

So we went back to the Ugly Mug. For some reason, it's my time of the month because I want greasy bar food. For example, last week we went to a bar for dinner and our meal consisted of 25 cent tacos, cheese fries, and hot wings. So given that mind state, we were willing to take another chance on the Ugly Mug. Our instincts were correct and the bizaare service we experienced last time we came was attributable to the fact they weren't ready to open. This time it was like going to a restaurant as opposed to a bar. Our half of the restaurant was LIGHTED. We are seated promtly by the HOSTESS. Our orders were taken quickly. And there was a beer list. Being the geeks that we are, we ordered ginger ale. Foodwise, we ordered the usual - miniburgers with shoestring onion rings, and calamari. Oh my god those were good miniburgers. It's amazing that ground beef could taste so good. And the brioche bun was so tasty. Once again, the calamari was yummy yummy yummy. While the server wasn't going to be my best friend, it was prompt and efficient. Kind of like a German bureaucrat. I'd recommend it this time. The kinks have been ironed out.


Anonymous said...

the mug is a great place for pie. all the pie is awesome so are the pepp. rolls...ask for Chace, he is the best.

Anonymous said...

Chace-- are you going around and commenting on blogs? Are you off doubles? Good for you. And yes, the pies are good. Love the specials, too. Pretty funny, Chace. -dcfb