Sunday, March 27, 2005

Belga Cafe-- Lives up to the Buzz Good and Bad

A Mini Review- Grrrrreat food. I mean really delicious. Waffles with carmelized apples and fries were perfect, filling, tasty. One diner had the sea bass. Perfectly cooked, but lacked flavor. As many have said, the food is very good. I have talked to nine people who said the same. They also said the service was from spotty to horrible.

Our service was the worst I have had in a DC restaurant. Slow, silent, and arrogant. More soon, but I doubt we will return. A shame, because the chef certainly knows how to plate 'em up.

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Anonymous said...

Slow, silent, arrogant, and no-existent. Yes, that's the service you get at Belga. Don't make a reservation, don't call ahead: It's still not worth the wait.