Friday, March 18, 2005

Celebrity sighting

So last night I wanted soul food so I went to Levi's Port Cafe down 8th street past the freeway. So who was in front of me in line ordering tons of food but the mst famous Cosby kid ever. RAVEN SIMONE! I totally didn't recognize her since I always expect enoutrages and she was totally not entouraged but the woman behind me who taught middle school said "Raven?" And Raven shot her a smile and said, "Yes, it's me." Ms. Simone ordered three orders of fried chicken, dark meat, with sides of collard greens, and rice and mac and cheese. She also got sides of lima beans, green beans and cabbage. She's so down to earth that if the woman didn't actually say "Raven" I would have never guessed it was her. The only dirt I have is Raven likes dark meat chicken and doesn't eat pork.


Alex said...

Question: Do you think Levi's Port Cafe is realted to Levi's North Carolina BBQ on Oxen Hill Road?

DC Food Blog said...

Yes. They are owned by the same fmaily. A brother and sister (and their repsective families) run both.

Alex said...

Holy crap. You and your fabulous blog have just saved me much driving time. Could you post the general address? Corner of?
Thank you!

DC Food Blog said...

It is on 8th Street or Barracks Row SE. Just SOUTH of the highway. Pennsylvania is the nearest major street to the north and M SE to the South. SO delicious! -- JD

Anonymous said...

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