Sunday, February 03, 2008

Slow Cook: A Blog Worth Reading

There are so many great food information sites out there, but I am especially enjoying reading The Slow Cook. If anything, joining our CSA this year helped us be more thoughtful about our food and food choices. The Slow Cook takes that to what I think is a quite visionary and dedicated place.

Where and how we get our food matters and how we plan to do something about the food challenges confronting our society and economy matter as well.

I for one have refused to shop Nike, Wal-Mart, Disney, and others for many years because of ongoing policies and practices I disagree with. I think it's useful to think about our food as well. I was astounded to recently learn that Paula Deen from the Food Network is shilling for Smithfield, a meat plant increasingly notorious for highly problematic labor practices.

I think there are some intriguing lessons and ideas, policy updates and more over at The Slow Cook and I will definitely be reading consistently.

I also look forward to highlighting blogs like this and organizations like those in the nonprofits section over on the right.

The most recent entry
details some of the horrible practices at Westland Meats, a major supplier of beef to our public schools. The US Department of Agriculture has weighed in as have the Humane Society and the Washington Post.

The entry also details the promotion of junk food in the Montgomery County Schools, and has a great link to one of my favorite stories about a high school student who doe s what it takes to open his town's only grocery store.

I should also mention that The Slow Cook also frequently has entries about cooking with kids and teaching kids about food. Love this!

Powerful stuff people, I hope readers of DC Food Blog check it out.


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