Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Off topic - A post that blows away all credibility

Last night I went with my friend writergirl to see High School Musical, the Tour, playing at the National Theater. J was able to score us some free tickets so we were so there. Boy was it a cultural experience. I felt old as the hills as there were gaggles of preteens and their parents who looked MY AGE! It was less a night at the theater and more like a Hannah Montana concert. Complete with audience clapping, streamers, and screams of "I love you" to certain characters. Sadly I have seen both High School Musical and its sequel. Multiple times.

As I am one of 10 people over the age of 25 who can claim an encyclopedic knowledge of High School Musical, I offer to you a comparison of the TV version and the stage version.

Ways the Stage Version is Better than the TV Version

1. Kelsi actually has a good excuse for running into people and dropping her music - new glasses.

2. Troy actually looks like an athlete and not a member of a boy band.


4. Sharpay actually has a decent excuse for being such a beeoytch - she's really insecure.

5. The row of 15 year olds behind us doing group cheers.

6. The synchronized clapping of the audience. Yes, I totally clapped along.

7. The random shout-outs to other Disney movies.

8. The prominence of pop and lock girl. (if this befuddles you, then you need to see the movie).

Ways the Stage Version is Worse than the TV Version

1. The sucky sucky sound system where you could barely hear the vocalists.

2. The fact that Kelsi didn't get her makeover where she wears an one should top and shakes out her fabulous hair.

3. They turned both power ballads into peppy group numbers.

4. The stage show didn't include Gabrielle's control freak mother.

5. The compressed timeframe where there were fewer scenes with Troy and Gabrielle rehearsing.

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ScottE. said...

Ohh No!

I've tried and just can't get into it.