Sunday, November 04, 2007

Restaurants we want to try, and some to remember

In high school, we were allowed to leave campus for lunch. The goal was to get out and to the restaurant as quickly as possible. Have your books for your next class with you. No locker stops. No bathroom stops. No last minute grabbing of too many more people. Just git!

Inevitably, we'd get in the car and start the dance about where to go. Where could we go for $5? $7? Subs n' Stuff? The Chinese buffet our friend's Japanese parents owned? The burger joint our Chinese friend's parents owned? Pizza Buffet? A daring trek to the Olive Garden or all the way across town to the sandwich shop frequented almost exclusively by fro-yo loving real estate ladies and the mom's of kids who went to the rival high school?

And there was often a lot of back and forth. And I always wanted a list. Well, I wanted two lists. One for places we hadn't tried and one for places we went to but really liked and were workable for lunch.

Now I find myself in a similar situation. After a long day at work, when we're not really wanting to cook, sometimes we are too brain-dead or addled to come up with workable ideas of where to go for dinner. We tend to fall back on favorites, and that's fine, but I think keeping a list around to jog our thoughts is a good idea.

This list is not about my favorite restaurants, or the most practical for dinner. Not so many high end places on here either and there is a greater representation of places we don't mind driving to and parking at. And of course, some places simply closer to work or home.

I was most surprised writing the list of places I haven't been. We have some work to do.

My Restaurant Reminder List

2 Amy’s
Addis Ababa
Afghan Grill
Alamo Restaurant
Ban Cuon Saigon Restaurant
Bistro Italiano
Busboys and Poets (VA)
Dairy Godmother
El Tapatio
Han Sung Oak
Hollywood East Café on the Boulevard
Huong Viet
Lebanese Taverna
Los Tios
Majestic Café
Mark’s Kitchen
Mr. Henry’s
Myoung Dong (“Oriental Noodles”)
Pacific Cafe
Parkway Deli
Pasta Plus
Pete’s Diner
Pho Hiep Hoa
Pho VN One
Plato’s Diner
Saravana Palace
Sorak Garden
Taqueria Tres Reyes
The Old Siam
The Ugly Mug
Viet Bistro
Whole Foods

50 Places I Need to Visit for the First Time

Bangkok 54
Bebo Trattoria
Bob’s Noodle 66
Colorado Kitchen
Costa Alegre
Cuba de Ayer
Del Merei Grill
Dixie Bones
Eat First
El Charrito Caminante
Pollo Campero
Faidley’s (Baltimore)
Farrah Olivia
Hank’s Oyster Bar
Ill Mee Buffet
Italian Inn
Joe’s Noodle House
La Sirenita
Mark’s Duck House
Mi Rancho
Mitsitam Cafe
Ray’s The Classics
Ruan Thai
Saigon Café
South Street Steaks
Sunflower Vegetarian
Tabard Inn
Taqueria Distrito Federal
Taqueria Nacionale
Thai Square
Thanh Son Tofu


Stef said...

When I was a senior in h.s., they finally let students leave campus for lunch... but we still only had 40 minutes. In my small town, that meant we often left and drove the few minutes down to the main street to the pizza/deli place. But when we were feeling really adventurous, we'd pack into a car and book it over to the next town to go thru the drive-thru at McDonalds. 20 minutes there, 20 minutes back, and that's when you could get a hamburger for 59 cents or a cheeseburger for 69 cents. Good times!

I've been craving Lebanese Taverna lately. Want to make plans for a Woodley Park outing?

Also, just saw Amy Finley's show for the first time as she was making Mexican food. Not bad. She's easy to watch, and her recipes didn't seem too difficult.

Barbara said...

Are you sure you have enough places listed? LOL

There are some favorites of ours on that list ans one that I could easily see using as a guide myself.

Dancer in DC said...

From your must visit once list, we've been to a few:

South Street Steaks - definitely good if you like Philly cheesesteaks. It's not JUST like being in Philly, but it's a good local alternative.

Tabard Inn - I've only been for brunch, but I admit I was not at all impressed.

Tiffin - Perfectly fine Indian food, but we think that its sister restaurant (Udupi Palace) is far better.

Zaytinya - One of my personal favorites, I think it has something for everyone. You can eat cheap or feast. But always make a reservation.

A said...

I'll second Thai Square. Go on a Monday or a Tuesday to avoid waiting outside in the cold on a Thurs-Sat night (tiny restaurant!). If you like pork, try the "sun-dried" pork as an appetizer.

I'll also second Bob's Noodle, and finally a recommendation to look into "Flavor's" near Bailey's Crossroads just off Columbia Pike.

As for Duangrats and Mark's Duck House, I wish you the best of luck! Service and food quality have become seriously spotty. I hope they can return to their previous status of "must visit".

Tanya said...

What a great list... and I've barely tried any of the ones on it. Exciting :)