Monday, July 23, 2007

Goodbye John Edwards, Who's Next?

After hearing John Edwards say he is personally against gay marriage during the You Tube debate on CNN.

Dear Edwards Campaign,

I am sad to say that I am unsubscribing from the Edwards list given Mr. Edwards lack of courage on the issue of gay marriage. To still maintain that my relationship is somehow different, less than, or worthy of anything but full and equal standing with his own is offensive. I am glad to hear Edwards would not act on his personal feelings as President, but, sir, you are an educated man and one who has had plenty of opportunity to grow beyond the discriminatory and oppressive beliefs you may have been raised with. I expect better. Maybe I will not find it, but I do.

I wish Mr. Edwards all the best, but I will be actively organizing to ensure that he is not our nominee.

I do hope Mr. Edwards, who I know to be bright and capable, is able to get over his irrational religious beliefs and stand tall with gay and lesbian Americans who support his sound economic and educational policies.

Quite sad for this bow to oppression. I understand you may think this is being realistic, perhaps, but can't we do better?


For those who might ask, I'll united behind the Democratic nominee, this answer really jabbed me in the neck. This discrimination tears at families, endorses a religious state where there should not be one, and encourages a society invested in fear of difference. We have to do better.


Stef said...

I was really disappointed in Edwards' overall performance throughout the whole debate, but this was totally the question that killed him. Not only do I disagree with his position whole-heartedly, but he couldn't even really articulate the answer in a way that I believed it was even his belief, either.

I've been with him for a long time, but I just called my Mom to tell her I think I'm switching my loyalty to Hillary. She rocked, and the more I see of her and the more I learn of her, the more she wins me over.

Are you actually sending this letter to the Edwards campaign? I think you should, if you haven't already, cuz he should know just how much that view will turn people off.

Anonymous said...

Great analysis. I sent it. I just felt so let down by the answer. I too am really getting Sen. Clinton. She sounds fantastic. Now if we can just get a Clinton/Obama ticket.

Stef said...

Anna Quindlen wrote her weekly column in Newsweek last week about the possibility of a Clinton/Obama ticket. But... I'm still not sold on Obama. He just seems to be pure ambition, and style over substance for me. I'm sure he'd do well as a VP and combining the 2 would really build a groundswell of support. But I think I'd like a Clinton/Richardson ticket even better.