Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Weekend of Food - Part 1

So this past weekend was my birthday where I turned a year older than dirty whore (flirty jive?). With the confluence of my birthday and Mother's Day on the same weekend, my mother-in-law, Momma D flew in from Texas to join in the festivities.

It turned out to be a weekend of food. Friday started off with a dinner for 15 at Malaysia Kopitam. There's been mixed reviews about this place but they were wonderfully flexible about accommodating our large and unwieldy group. Say what you want about reheated entrees, Malaysia Kopitam really knows their rice noodles. Not only that, they serve this sticky rice in a banana leaf packet that is to die for. This was a theme for me that night as I ordered their salmon cooked in a banana leaf as well. This was firm but wonderfully tender. The flavor of the salmon was exceptional. Other standouts included the greasy, street food quality roti.

At my insistence, we took a contingent to the Black Cat to dance. I have been itching to go out dancing for months as I talked with the Timily's and realized the ONLY time any of us danced as at weddings. I talked with Slim and Married Boy who both have extensive knowledge of the DC nightlife and charged them to find a place where I could dance in my running shoes that played music that I could sing along to. They recommended the backstage room of the Black Cat that had a small dance floor and access to the bar and pool area for the non-dancers. We arrived at the scandalously early time of 10:30 pm and were rewarded by having the entire dance floor to ourselves. We love the DJ as he seemed determined to play fun remixes of 80's B-side songs. Among the quasi hits were songs from New Edition (!), The Cure, and Madonna. By 11:45 pm, the dance floor was full of people dancing their hearts out. Apparently, this DJ plays the first Friday of every month so count me in for June!!!!

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