Friday, May 25, 2007

CSA Bounty

Ya want food porn, ya got food porn! Here's the many lovely things we got from our CSA.


Ok I'm a convert. These turnips have a spicy arugula flavor when raw but are sweet like Vidalia onions when cooked. The greens form the turnips are delicious stir fried.


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Pretty, aren't they?


Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...

My first CSA pick up is June 7. I can't wait. I love my fresh veggies, even if I don't know what to do w/some of them.


how's that riesling? hope it's dry.

Stef said...

Wow, I could do some damage with that riesling and those strawberries!

How are you guys? Miss you! Must do a delectable meal soon!

DC Food Blog said...

Stef, I'm coming off of a hell of a April/May where I was traveling half of the time. We need to invite you and the boys over for a CSA meal. My June is good because no work travel! What's yours look like?

Sarah, let's to do CSA recipe exchange!!! I've been coming up with new ones as the fresh veggies are incredibly inspiring.

Roganista, we haven't tried the Reisling yet but I like my Reisling sweet. I'm a big muscat fan.

Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...

I love the idea of sharing recipes. Last year I gave away most of the swiss chard because I don't like it that much. It killed me every time because I knew that all I needed was a couple of good recipes.

I made great French onion soup and froze a lot of it last summer with all of the onions. So over the winter I got to eat it! Very rewarding.

LauraMac said...

Any recipes for the early season CSA stuff? kohlrabi? seriously, is this stuff ever any good? Also, do any of you actually work at your CSA?

Vonda said...

I just signed up for a local CSA for the first time. We catch on a little late down South. Isn't it fun anticipating what you'll get next and then creating and finding new recipes? I decided to start a blog myself to post my recipes. I googled to find out who else out there was blogging about their CSA and what they're saying and found your site.