Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving Preparations

Last night J and I did our first round of Thanksgiving shopping. J decided to buy a Cook's Illustrated to try their pumpkin pie recipe. Even though Cook's Illustrated are sticklers for following the recipe EXACTLY, I declined on buying a thing of whole milk when we had 2% at home. Although that guy with the bowtie will probably have me shot, I told J that we could just increase the amount of cream the recipe called for and decrease the amount of milk. If the pumpkin pie turns out badly it's all my fault. I think there's something in my genes that requires that I fiddle with a recipe. I've already made a change on the Thanksgiving menu, going from the apple tartlets to a totally scrumptious looking pear-cranberry tart we found in Fine Cooking. But even to that I made a change, substituting the brandy and walnuts in the recipe for almonds and amaretto.

So here's the schedule for Thanksgiving:

Friday - buy spices at the Yes Natural Market (spices in bulk are cheeeeeep!)
- roast a chicken and make chicken stock
- make crust for pumpkin pies

Saturday - make pecan bars
- buy tart pan and roasting pan

Sunday - Hopefully before the end of the weekend J will pumpkin pies

Monday - Make corn pudding and freeze

Tuesday - Make griddle cakes and freeze

Wednesday - Buy green beans and fresh turkey
- Make pear-cranberry tart


6:30 am - Wake up and get to the Metro by 7:00 am

7:30 am - Meet Uncle Tim and Auntie Em at Turkey Trot

8:00 am - Warm up for said Turket Trot

8:30 am - Hopefully run Turkey Trot in under 30 minutes

10:30 am - Come back home

2:00 pm - Prepare stuffing. Prep turkey.

2:30 pm - Shove turkey in the oven.

3:00 pm - Set table. Make prepare pears and cheese to top griddle cakes.

4:00 pm - Blanch green beans

5:45 pm - Stick the corn pudding in the oven to warm. Warm up griddle cakes.

6:00 pm - Plate griddle cakes. Make cranberry-apple cocktail. Guests arrive.

6:30 pm - Take turkey out of the oven and let rest. Warm food that everyone else brought.

7:00 pm - dinner is served. Gorge.

For anyone who cares here's my playlist for the 5k

Do Your Thing - Basement Jaxx

Wild Night - John Mellencamp and that women who has ''' in her name

Dancing Queen - Abba Teens

Hey Ya - Outkast

Move This - Technotronic

Jump (for my love) - Pointer Sisters

Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

Flithy/Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters

The Mary Tyler Moore Theme Song - Joan Jett


the other rebecca said...

I believe you mean you're getting spices at Yes! Natural Market.

I always end up singing that Yes! song from Dirty Dancing when I go there.

ScottE. said...

My timeline is in Excel Format and password protected...I don't need anyone seeing just how psychotic I am.

Our first course will be at 1pm, with the main course at 7pm. Dessert to follow! Have a good day.

Sean Carter said...

That's quite a schedule...and good that you've done the first round of shopping....and it's even better that you've already planned out everything for Thanksgiving....I still have to get on with that...well hey if you want some more resources to spice up your Thanksgiving celebrations then just visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and find out all the cool ideas and suggestions I've posted there...visit soon and have a great Thanksgiving!!!