Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

So did you all see Scotte's preparation spreadsheet and the invitation to his and Jason's Thanksgiving hoo hah? So awesome. So pretty. You know, if you are going to cook for over 6 people, you have to have a schedule for such things. Twas the afternoon before Thanksgiving and all through the house, many creatures were stirring, especially the mouse.

Yesterday we went to Whole Foods in Alexandria to get our turkey, green beans, champagne for the cranberry-apple spritzer, and salad fixin's. We also decided to add a baked brie with cranberry chutney and almonds as another appetizer because the sample was SOOOOOOOO good. We made a dinner of our outing by raiding the Whole Foods salad bar. We highly recommend the mango brown rice.

I had a totally Lorelei Gilmore moment of spazziness when I insisted on naming our lovely, 13-pound organic turkey. The first name I came up with was Ina Garten but J insisted he didn't want ot name if after anyone we knew. I came up with Nancy Pelosi and J asked "do you really want to carve up Nancy Pelosi?" J came up with the name Jakob (the Eastern European pronunciation of YAAH-KOAB) and I replied it was a Jewish name and did we really want to stick anything with a Jewish name in the oven? Finally J mentioned that Peppermint Patty has a last name at it's Reichardt. Givne how atrociously Peppermint Patty behaves in a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, I am more than happy to stick her in the oven. So Patricia Reichardt it is!

I will have to take this oportunity to rant about Peppermint Patty's atrocious behavior on a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. She invites herself and her friends over for dinner and then once she gets there, complains that the only thing Charlie Brown made for them was jelly beans and buttered toast. F($%^& ingrate. The guy's like 7 years old. Were you going to make a seven course turkey dinner Peppermint EFFING Patty? Then shut your piehole. I am already anticipating shoving your sorry ass in the oven.


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Your rant on Peppermint Patty cracked me up! Hope your Thanksgiving dinner turns out fantastic.

ScottE. said...

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

SkippyMom said...

I am SO DOING this next year...and apologies..I am naming it after someone I know.

She deserves it and boy will I get great satisfaction out of carving it up...giggle...

[no, no..I am not that awful - it's just...ah, inspired me!]

Happy Holidays - great blog!